Dearest Diary,

I think frequently about things.

Such as my past,my present,my future.

All those things eat away at my mind.

Causing me to become anxious.

There is one thing always on my mind.

And that is the guy I'm close to.

Lately,we've been closer than usual.

I take this as a sign of something.

Something obvious. Could it be romance?

Our bond grew day by day as time passes.

I grow flustered and angsty.

Whenever I want to confess my feelings.

How do I tell him I love him?

Without making such a fool of myself?

I stutter and stumble whenever I try.

To say anything to him

My cheeks flushing red as he asks.

If I'm okay and of course I say to him.

"I'm fine." which of course,is a lie.

And nothing more.

After choking on my words,eventually.

I woman up and confess how I feel.

To him and to my surprise,he likes me too.

I was relieved but happy he felt the same way.

I had let the words I needed to say.

Out of my mouth and in into his ears.

I had now realized my love for him.

It had budded akin to that of a rose.

It was a beautiful feeling and I loved it.

But I love him more.

This was a dream come true.

For him and I to fall in love.

Was it fate or was it a coincidence?

The world may never know.

All I knew was he was in my life

And I was in his as well.

He loves me and I love him.

Nobody could ever change that.

This love lives on forever.

Along with our cherished memories of our time together.