The serpent tongued mother

Her tale was that of a short one, short enough that she looked and perhaps was even human. Her journey was difficult and it ended with the dirt in her nails, and the earth enveloping her.

The serpent tongue mother had 2 daughters, one of a bitter breed of jealously while the other grew up with resentment and begged for the earth.

The bitter one turned to resent the mother as well, and it surprised no one when the children serpents began attacking one another.

The ever diligent serpents silver eyed mother tried to find common ground between them, she tried to save her children.

The jealous serpent's poison tongue and fangs sank deep into the younger one of resentment, but she did not die, her eyes would now burn with hatred forever more.

How long was forever in the eyes of a child who had lost nothing?

There once was a grown snake of hatred, who hated her sister of resentment, and the two would often be at each other's throats but alas; none had yet died.

Serpent of jealousy do not entwine thy mother; for she is human.

Serpent of hatred why does your anger fade?

The three had trapped themselves in their own tails and troubles until;

Until at one sorrowful mourned morning

Word had arrived that their human mother had passed.

Two serpents so caught amongst their war neither witnessed the collapse and frailty of human life.

Ah serpent tongued mother why have you gone to the earth

A child of jealously has laid no tears for you and bears you resentment.

A child of sorrow begs the question as to why the earth had not chosen her instead.

The journey of snakes is a tragic and difficult one; lose not your poison lest you give into the earth