As I sat in the airport awaiting my flight back home I began to become nervous. Why, you may ask? Well to answer that i'm going to need to give you a little bit of background. Let's start with my name. I'm Josh Spencer, and I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I was born here 19 years ago, but my parents decided to move me to a small suburb of Philadelphia when I was almost 1. I grew up in there, met my friends there, found my first love there, had my family there both immediate and extended. Everything I had ever known was right there. Alas, I knew from a very young age it wasn't for me. There was this pull inside me, something i still just can't explain. An overwhelming urge to go back to the place I was born, a place which from the time I left to then, I had only visited twice. I tried to shake it, I tried to reason with myself, but I just couldn't. For whatever reason, every time I tried, the pull got stronger. So I gave in, I left behind everything I had ever known after I graduated high school, and bought a one way ticket to Denver, hoping to start a new life in the place I was born.

2 years have since passed and I'm halfway through a bachelor's degree in astrophysics from the University of Colorado. I haven't talked to anyone from the small town since I left, apart, of course, from my parents, whom I only talked to briefly on holidays or birthdays. It's June now, and I'm on break until august, so I made perhaps the craziest decision of my life, I bought a one way ticket to Philadelphia, told no one I was coming, and took off for the airport.

So here I am, sitting at gate C38 in Denver International Airport, no clue how I'm going to get to my small town, let alone where to stay once I do.

"All passengers for flight 1187 with non stop service to Philadelphia, we are going to begin boarding, we will start with…" A voice said over the loudspeaker.

I tuned out after that, looking at my boarding pass. Boarding group C, Seat 17A it read.

"Great," I said to myself, "A window seat. Looks like no bathrooms for me"

I stood up, grabbed my backpack and headed to the gate, not totally mentally prepared for what the very near future held.