I can't believe you fake people.

I'm so tired, tired of all the fake people.

Tired of the lies

Tired of the betrayal

Tired of the way people just stomp all over me

Tired of the way people just leave when they think it's convenient.

My heart is lonely and I need comfort and friends

but all people think about are themselves these days.

so we exist as nothing more than names on a screen to you

you think you can keep ghosting and treating others like shit

well fuck you too, this is abusive behavior and you can't go on treating people in your life like this. It's not right and someday you will complain about the same shit happening to you.

I won't feel bad for you because you did it to me.

Stop ghosting, talk to people instead of being selfish and cruel.

Nothing hurts worse than being told nothing and fearing the worst.