End all of this suffering and pain.

I am the only one who will
ever bestow upon you such
happiness and grace.

I am the only one to ever love you
and when you feel my name in the back of your throat,
I hope it stays there, sealed behind your lips,
never to enter the earth's atmosphere,
never to crumble into ash once you've finished speaking.

All the words you spit out your mouth are like
rapid fire, fireballs come to torture and burn me,
and your nose and ears leak steam.
You can't contain the fire inside.

Demons aren't kind,
they are meant to ridicule and
beguile you and love you
so dark and so fierce.

They are like succubae
in the middle of the night,
beautiful and terrible,
brought here to draw the veil over your eyes
and lead you into the deepest, darkest
trenches of sordid imagination.

You cannot imagine what I have in store for you,
the pleasure that will undulate down your body
out the source of my fingertips. I will hook
a pretty finger with a razor sharp claw
under your chin and gently lead you away.
Only to open myself wide and
swallow you whole when I get you alone.

I must feed, I must be near,
I must feel the rush of your blood through your veins.
I must feel your warm body, the softness of your cheek,
and if there is an inner light within
that shines, I must put it out.

I will douse it with spite and poison,
giving more air for the fire to breathe,
and it will climb up your insides.

I will steal your light,
I will make it fiery and ferocious,
enough to burn you up and
leave you a wasted shell in its wake.

What once served you
will now destroy you.