Old Lady Hag Words: 1391, Page 5

The Witch's Cottage

One fateful spring day, while the sun highest in the sky, the children gathered around Alex and walked with him to the large wall covered with ivy. Behind it lived the evil Hag Witch the grownup spoke about in hushed tones. The children walked up to the old dry rotted wooden gate and peeked in between the gaps. They Looked down the long overgrown lane enclosed with woods.

"Come on it's time! Remember grabe the book and bring it back.'" Said Benjamin the oldest of children. Alex picked up his satchel and climbed over the wall. He jumped down onto an old Ford that seemed to not have moved for decades. He carefully hopped off the car. He was now in the witches grounds.

Alex looked back at the eyes of his friends, peering at him through the gate. Then he looked down the long drive overgrown with weeds, mixed with the large trees that blocked out the light from the sun. "These woods might be more terrifying than even the creature." Alex joked. He swallowed his fear and readjusted his satchel and started down the path.

When the darkness seemed to suck out the air from his lungs, and the creatures hidden by the brush were ready to gobble him up, he was blinded by the sun shining brighter than ever before.

He found himself in a beautiful field surrounded by the tamest wild animals. There were deer, rabbits, goats, cats, and birds that sang the loveliest songs. The wild flowers and herbs were so fragrant, that the air seemed alive, Butterflies, dragonflies, and bees buzz around. In the middle of the field was a small yellow Cottage sounded by a small well kept garden. "How can a monster live in a place so friendly. It must be a trap." Alex thought.

The boy crept up to a window of the cottage and looked inside. There was a large fireplace and it was a cauldron boiling. Plants were scattered all about a table, with a large fat book sitting middle of it. The boy carefully opened the window, trying not to make a noise.

"You know the door is open. It may be easier." Alex froze, hearing the voice behind him. he turned ever so slowly to see a maiden holding a green sheet, smiling at him. He bowed his head ashamed of being caught.

" I'm not sneaking in, promise. Please don't turn me over to the witch." said Alex. The maiden smiled at him.

"Oh, and why would I bring you to her when I so rarely have visitors." The maiden said. The boy looked up at her curious but cautious, wondering who this young and beautiful woman standing in front of him was.

"Come sit with me, and have some tea." The maiden said. The boy was about to protest when the maiden smiled wickedly. "Or should I run and grab the Witch?" The boys shook his head with panicked.

"No, please I would love to have tea," He said.

They maiden smiled and nodded her head, and walked behind the cottage to where a small table was set up for tea. The maiden threw the sheet over a clothing line and sat down at the table with the boy. She poured a piping hot cup for him and herself and placed two sugar cubes and milk into the boys cup. But he did not touch the cup for him. The maiden just smiled at him.

"It's not poison promise." Still, the boy did not touch the tea. She picked up his cup and took a long sip, then she placed the cup back in front of him."See..." She said, and poured some more tea for him. Alex satisfied that it was not poisoned picked up the cup and took a small sip of the warm sweet tea. Then he looked down at the plate sitting before him and took a bite of a cookie. "like them?" The boy nodded and the maiden look at him Curiously."What's your name child?" asked the maiden.

"Alex." He said. The maiden nodded at him.

" So Alex what brings you here today?" asked The Maiden,

Alex told her about the bet he made with his friends, if he could get the witch's spell book he'd win 10 marbles from each of his friends. About how he would be named the bravest kid in their town. The whole time the Maiden smiled and nodded, listening intently to his story. He decided like telling her, she seems to listen to him like he was an adult. she was kind, and beautiful. Finally, after he was done. He asked.

"Are you the Witch's slave?" The maiden started to laugh throwing back her head as if he had made the world's funniest joke.

"The Witch's slave, in a way I suppose I am. No I am the Witch." She said trying to choke back more laughter. Alex froze.

"But You're, young... and beautiful, she said to be a hag. Said Alex.

"Why Am I a Hag, my is Hag, Mesa Hag To be exact. Alex dropped his cup on the grass.

"But you are a normal woman?" The witch frowned and thought for a moment.

" kind of, I am a Witch. See my family has always been pagan, That means I have believe in multiple gods. but yes I suppose you could call me normal."

"So you won't make me into Sweets?" the boy asked. Mesa smiled again laughing.

"Why would I do that when I can go to the store and buy cookies that I don't have to cook?" asked the Witch sarcastically. The boys looked amazed and curiosity took him over.

"But you do... Do spells... magic right?" asked Alex The Witch nodded. As she considered her words.

"Yes, but it's not exactly like you think," Mesa said

"But you do have a spell book right?" Alex asked. The Witch thought carefully before she said anything.

"Well, Yes..."

"Do you think I could borrow it? Alex asked Cutting off Mesa.

"No! Absolutely not" Said Mesa sternly.

"But the bet, Please I'll do anything." Alex whined trying to get his way.

"Anything?' asked the Witch. The boy nodded his head. 'I can't give you my book of shadows But I will give you something like it. Your friends will never be able to tell the difference. Promise." Alex nodded his head and carefully considered what he has to do.

"What do you want in return?" the boy asked. Mesa smiled.

"Come back. I could use some help keeping this place up. Feeding the animals, helping me tend to the garden. Running to the store for me. That type of things. If you want I can even pay you, not much but some." Alex agreed eagerly. Mesa brought him inside to the cottage to where the cauldron was bubbling. She closed the largely worn book sitting on the table and handed it to him.

"What is it?" asked Alex. The witch smiled

A cookbook, of old Irish recipes." She said smiling

"So in your cauldron isn't a potion. She looked at the large iron pot.

"In a way it is. It's soup to get rid of a cold for Mrs. Wilson down the road. Do you know her?" aked Mesa. Alex smiled and told her he did. She walked him out of the cottage.

"Now be back here at the same time tomorrow." Alex nodded and walked back the way he came.

When he was about to disappear into the darkness of the woods the Mesa called after him.

"It was nice to meet you Alex." Alex smiled and waved goodbye to her and walked into the woods, sticking the book into his satchel. He climbed back onto the car and over the wall. He walked to the park, were his friends waited for him. Upon seeing him they rushed over.

"We were about to come in after you." said one of the children.

"Do you have it?" Asked the oldest boys Alex smiled and took the book out of his bag, and held it out to the others. The children stared at the large worn leather bound book, fearing to touch it.

"You're not afraid of being cursed?" asked one of the girls. Alex shrugged and stuck the book back into his bag.