Dragons Of The Sun And Moon

Once upon a time, before when humans ruled over the earth, there were two dragons that watched over the world together that were named Sun and Moon. Their initial light would shine down on the surface and bring happiness and peace.

But one day, Sun created humans. A creature that appeared weak, but made up for their strength. Moon grew jealous of Sun's creations and created the wolves to destroy them behind Sun's back.

Luckily Sun was about to save the humans and quickly realized that the wolves had been Moon's creation to harm his own. Sun knowing that his own friend had done this, confronted his friend for his decision.

Without warning or hesitation, Moon attacked Sun. What had been a beginning to argument escalated quickly into a full-on fight. The friendship had turned into a rage of hatred that blinded them.

With countless crashes into the ground, the two created staggering mountain peaks. From the sweat of the thirty-four-day battle, it had created vast oceans. From digging their claws into the ground, they created caves that lead deep into the earth.

Finally beaten by Sun, Moon spoke. "I was a fool to challenge you my old friend, I'm sorry," he said and left without warning. Sun shouted for his friend to come back, but he never looked back. Although he could of stayed to watch over the humans, Sun knew that he needed to find his friend.

He wished the humans good luck in the world that he and his friend had changed because of their battle and that he would return when he could find Moon again.

Since that day Sun still continues to look for Moon. But some days when the sun and moon aline together, it is said that the two friends finally meet again at last.