Up I rise at the crack of dawn.

With ammunition in tow.

As my boots made prints.

On the dusty sand.

As I made my way out.

Brooding about the ones.

I had left behind back at home.

Friends who gave me their support.

As they bid adieu.

Parents who begged me not to go.

Fearing they'd lose their one and only child.

Other family members who carried mixed feelings.

Regarding my departure to war.

My past lover begged me not to leave.

Fearing I'd cease to exist if something were to happen.

Instead of seeing me die, I was royally dumped.

Right before I left.

As of now,I haven't really lost anything.

With the exception of my one and only.

But, now wasn't the time for reminiscing.

I was needed for what was going to come.

And I couldn't afford to be a sitting duck.

It was up to me and many others to save our nation.

To make it a better place.

For our current and future generations.

It was up to me to assist the other soldiers.

And to cover them from enemy attacks.

As the war we fought raged on.

Akin to that of a thunderstorm.

We were risking so much.

Our lives and our pride.

It was dangerous and deadly.

But, we knew what we had to do.

Hesitation was not our option.

Fighting was the only option.

It goes quiet for a bleak moment.

No bombs.

No gunshots.

No sounds from a single weapon out there.

It was dead silent.

What could this have meant?

After a brief moment,it was clear.

The all out was given.

It was a huge relief for us all.

No more fighting.

No more risking our lives.

We had won the war.

We could finally go back.

Back to our homes.

With all of our loved ones.

To celebrate this righteous victory.