No Signal.

Young and a little stifled,
bursting at the seams,
you swear I'm made of love
and intent, forgive me darling,
I have only dreams to give.

And I move through the darkness
coded in simple things - that coffee
at midnight in a day that never ended,
your smile at the sight of the sky -
I know, I now live for simple things.

It's a 'no signal' for me, 'no vacancy'
at the start of our seasons and we crash,
immune to everything else, all senses
focused on that single chance, a strike
to feel, to be lucky, fall for the stars.

Honey, I'm lucky, honey, I'm so fine,
I can't count the rips and tears on my
skin anymore, I'm a different shade of
blue, I'm with you and I feel something
worth losing sleep for, worth dreaming of.

I could try to put words to the
feeling, feeling to the sound, but
I'm too tired, you're too forgiving
and we fall onto a different kind of
serenity, if I dare, a kinder destiny.

There's an honesty to every time we reach
across the great wide space between us,
hands across oceans and mountains, couldn't
stop what started before I even met you,
that search for peace instead of failure.

And I tell you, summer soul dancing through
winter, I'm here to help you, without a
doubt I'd hold you, wash away the darkness,
gather all the light even when there's no
happiness, just for you, just for you.

Soon enough it'll be over, an end to a season,
'no signal' flashing until spring comes again,
until I gather the pieces of me that are left,
feels different each time, no grand ending,
just the ghost of voices, touch of a memory.

I will forgive myself, come winter, you'll go
back - whole, hopeful - you'll say between
sleep and reality 'thank you', you'll pretend
I can't taste 'I love you', and I'll let you, but
it's okay, isn't it? I have only dreams to give.