Chapter One

STANDING in line to get into the door at the Diamond Club downtown, Emma and Abigail observed the line and realized that they recognized a few people that were waiting to get in. As they approached the door, the bouncer checked their IDs' before they headed in. Once in the club, the girls went straight to the bar.

"For the line that is outside I thought there would be no room to move in here," Emma noted as they approached the bar

"It looks like they've just begun to let everyone in, so we should get some seats while we can, and some drinks!" Abigail said climbing onto a bar stool a few seats down from a group of what appeared to be regulars sitting at the other end.

Emma waived the bartender over to place an order for a gummy bear and strawberry margarita; instead, the bartender brought them both back soda and went on to tend to other customers waiting for drinks.

"Well this night is already a bust, seems like he doesn't want us drinking, or maybe he just cannot hear us over the music," Emma exclaimed

"He looked disappointed that we were drinking, but regardless that is so not cool, for now, we can drink this and try again when another b-artender appears"

"Oh, do not worry about him ladies; we will get you taken care of" a guy sliding up behind the girls said to them before yelling over the bar "Hey Ricky you back there!" Suddenly another person came up from the back.

"What is up, dude?" Ricky asked

"I believe these two ladies were trying to order some adult beverages and Gus instead is playing his grandfather role"

"Ahh sorry about that Ladies, Gus tends to attempt to keep the single ladies from drinking for their own safety, it is nothing against you," Ricky said throwing a bar towel at Gus as he scolded him.

"Why thanks," Emma exclaimed still eyeing up the new guy that had appeared next to Abigail "Can I get a Strawberry Margarita on the rocks, and a Gummy Bear for her," Emma said pointing her thumb at Abigail.

"Thank you," Abigail said while Emma sat still checking him out.

He was around 6 foot 2 with a wide muscular frame, a chiseled jawline clear of stubble; he had a crewcut that was close cut but still showed his jet-black hair, and brown eyes that gave off a sense of a whimsical man.

"Anything for you ladies," he said showing them a bright white smile "So are you ladies from around here or just visiting?"

"That depends on if you are from around here," Emma said smiling back at him as Abigail rolled her eyes

The bartender handed the girls their drinks and told them it was on the house as he apologized for Gus again. Both girls picked up their drinks and began to stand in anticipation to go find somewhere to sit and let others waiting to approach the bar.

"I go to school here, so I guess you can say I am from here, I am Andrew," Andrew said with a smirk as he began checking both girls out.

"I am Emma, and this is Abagail, and yes we are from here," she said continuing to stand and talk as Abagail searched around for a seat.

The girls finally spotted a place to sit and headed over. Once seated Andrew slid up between the girls sitting and continuing to talk with them. Emma had a slow blush beginning to creep up her cheeks as she continued to drink. Abagail kept the conversation light and polite, as she really had no interest in the conversation.

"Can I get you, ladies, another round of drinks?" Ricky asked as he walked by from cleaning up a mess someone had made not far from where they sat watching the dance floor and listening to the DJ

"Sure that would be great!" Abagail said as a new song came on "Hey I like this one you ready to dance?" She asked directing the question to Emma

"Hell yea let's go!"

Andrew sat watching as the girls went out to the dance floor, while his friends approached him carrying on with a conversation as they watched the girls. Emma had a slim frame, with a pear-shaped face, beautiful green eyes that were like candy apples, and dark brown long hair. She was wearing a pair of fitted jeans with white sandals and a white flowing blouse. While Abagail was almost the opposite, she was very curvy with full breast, a round ass, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and chocolate colored eyes that held a mystery behind them, wearing a navy-blue halter dress with black flats.

Finally, the girls left the dance floor for a drink. Coming back to the table, Andrew draped his arms over each of their shoulders giving them a slightly lopsided grin,

"So, ladies would you like another round of drinks?" Andrew asked smiling at each of the girls.

Emma accepted while Abagail shook her head, so Andrew head off to the bar. While he was gone, the girls introduced themselves to the others that had gathered at the table. A few of them were paired off, but for the most part, they talked to themselves.

"Emma, I am not sure what Andrew is up to, but please be careful," Abagail said easily eyeing Andrew as he was talking back from the bar across the dance floor with a cocky stride,

"I will, you worry too much. I know what he is attempting to do and we both know that will never happen, but he can keep dreaming it will," Emma replied with a slight turn of her lips "Besides I agreed to move here with you so that I would come out of my shell, not hide, lets live a little!"

Andrew returned going back to draping his arms over the girls' shoulders while they all talked about things going on around town. The drinks kept coming and the girls went back to dancing after a while, with a few of the others joining in. Andrew came out with them and the girls giggled dancing around him making him be the middle person as they danced to the grove of the music. Back at the table Andrew was being flirtier with them both, slowly Abagail shrugged his arm off her shoulder, trying to tell let him down easyily, after she reach over for her drink moving a little further away from him she felt her arms break out in goosebumps, along with the vibe of being watched. She glanced around trying to see if anyone was watching her, but she did not see anyone, so she turned back to the table. She joined the conversation trying to shake the feeling away, knowing it was just her imagination.

A little while later another group approached the table from behind. As the conversation continued, talking Abagail began to feel the goosebumps breaking out all over her arms again, the feeling was beginning to make her feel a little on edge and slightly uncomfortable sitting at the table. Then from behind her she heard what had been causing the goosebumps,

"Andrew I can tell you now that whatever tricks you are up to, it will never work with these two girls. They are a lot smarter then they let on," said a man with a deep husky voice laced with a little bit of humor from behind Abagail.

As he talked, Abagail closed her eyes all put choking on the sip of drink she had just taken. She would know that voice anywhere, but now she was unsure of if she should turn around or just ignore him. Emma makinig eye contact from across the table trying to get a reading on what Abagail wanted to do. Slowly she shook her letting Emma know that she was fine.

"What do you mean tricks, there are no tricks here! Just met these two lovely ladies tonight and figured I could show them a good time," Andrew exclaimed showing his cocky smile again as he looked at the man behind Abagail.

"Again, I am telling you it will never work, I know these two and you may think you have this worked out, but I promise you do not"

"Wait how do you know these two?" Andrew asked as the light bulb went off from what he was being told in his drunken state.

Finally, the man moved to Abagail's side giving her a side view of him. Abagail inwardly sighed as she saw that he still had a close-shaved haircut that allowed you to see his light brown hair, and a body even more sculpted than the last time they saw each other. Logan was just shy of being 6-foot-tall, but his presence was demanding of the attention in the room. She was taken aback when Logan finally looked at her with the fire burning in the depths of his eyes, the one that she used to yearn for, the one that took her breath away. Smiling down as he stood next to her seat, being close enough that she could feel his body heat, but far enough apart that they were not touching.

Emma cleared her throat gaining the attention of Abagail to let her know everyone was watching them as they looked over one another, as Abagail looked at Emma and then Andrew she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. She had not looked at a man that way in so long, and she could not believe that she just blatantly checked out Logan with an audience of people to watch.

Logan and Abagail, where High School sweethearts, they were each other's first loves, first prom dates, Homecoming King and Queen. They did everything together, but after Graduation, they went their separate ways to follow their dreams. Abagail had not heard from him in almost eight years. She knew from his mother that he was attending the Naval Academy, but even living here, she never thought they would run into each other, it was such a big town. However, he was definitely standing right in front of her.

"The better question is how do you know Andrew?" Emma asked looking pointedly at Logan.

Emma, continued watching for Abagail's reaction, so far other than a small blush Abagail was refusing to show any signs of the turmoil this man was stirring up in her just by walking up to her at a bar. Still, she sat quietly, not evening moving to take another drink.

"We attend the Academy together," Logan said calmly looking at Emma. "He can be a troublemaker, but I know you can handle yourselves well," Logan smiled before addressing Andrew "Dude I am telling you for the last time it will never work, just quit while you are ahead, besides," he said nodding towards Abagail "this one is off limits."

"How can she be off limits Logan, if she wants to be off limits I think she can tell me. Everything was going fine until you came over here!" Andrew huffed folding his arms over his chest like an overgrown toddler.

"Actually," Abagail said softly to the group as she looked down at her drink for a moment, "we knew your agenda the moment you decided to come sit with us. While you have been polite, and we have enjoyed talking to you, you were never getting a threesome, it is just never happening" Abagail said finally looking up to Andrew with a smirk on her face.

"You knew? How did you know, I have not even suggested wanting sex from either of you!" Andrew said sounding a little hurt that his plan was spoiled.

"Do not be so ass hurt, you where the one being a man whore, buying girls drinks all night, it makes it a bit obvious that you want sex. Then it was not hard to realize that you wanted both of us, as you were treating us both, not just one" Emma said rubbing his shoulders as she tried to hide her laughter at his deflated expression.

"Besides if you are friends with this one" Abagail said addressing Logan's presence pointing her thumb at him "I really am off limits, what is that saying again" Abagail pondered for a moment "Oh yeah, Bro's before Hoe's, and sorry but that means I am in the 'no' zone" she said using air quotes to emphasize her point.

"How the only time that applies is if he saw you first or dated you. I am most certainly sure I am the first guy besides Gus to talk to you girls when you came in here," Logan said as he thought again and began smiling wildly as he placed his arm around Emma.

Emma, Abagail, and Logan glanced at one another as they let Logan digest his own words hoping that he would realize that nobody was going to disagree with him on that. Logan looked at Abagail as she took a sip of her drink. He noticed how her hair was shorter and maybe even lighter than the last time he saw her, to most, you would think she dyed it, but he knew it was all natural with that added effect of the summer sun. He could smell her apple shampoo as he closed his eyes taking a deep breath savoring the smell. His thoughts were broken as Andrew abruptly stood up knocking his stool back a little, gaining attention from the people around them. Abagail had leaned closer to Logan startled by the sudden movement; the only person that had noticed was Logan as his hand was now resting against her outer thigh covered only with the thin layer of her dress.

"Your name is Abagail!" Andrew exclaimed looking at her wide-eyed, she nodded yes, as she tried to hide her laughter "if your off limits" Andrew continued thinking out loud "that means that you are his Abagail, as in the Abagail that Logan"

"Ok buddy, I think you have had enough to drink. But yes, this is Abagail" Logan said taking control of the conversation again glancing quickly at Abagail as she looked at him with curiosity now.

"Hey, do not worry Andrew, she may be off limits but I, on the other hand, am not. It may not be a threesome but I am still someone you can drink and dance with" Emma exclaimed picking up her drink and downing what was left "Besides it is still early and it is Friday night, one never knows what will happen" with that she got up taking Andrew's arm and dragging him back to the dance floor.

Abagail watched the two go on to the dance floor as a new beat came on. Logan hesitantly looked over towards Abagail as he rubbed at the back of his neck.

"Do you want to dance or," Logan asked trailing off as he talked to Abagail unsure what to really do, they had not had any contact with each other in years, and he knew no matter how she appeared to outsiders, that she was flipping out on the inside.

"How have you been Logan?" Abagail said fidgeting with her straw trying to calm the nerves she was feeling at having him next to her.

"Good, I am a junior at the Academy now and things are going well it's a challenge, but I am enjoying it," Logan said taking the seat next to her as he nodded for his crew to carry on without him.

Abagail listened as he talked more about the academy and his life. At first, the conversation was a little forced but after a while, it became easier for them to talk. Abagail watched as he walked over to the bar to get another round of drinks. He was wearing a pair of dark jeans that hugged his hips, with a simple black scope neck shirt that fit him just right. She could not help but notice how every girl's eyes followed him in the club as he walked by. Logan had a way of gaining everyone's attention in the room without having to say a word; he carried a bit of a mystery that lured them to him. You could tell just looking at him, that he had a target and nothing or nobody would stop him from getting there. She thought back to the way things used to be between them, they were high school sweethearts, but by graduation, they were no longer talking to each other. Both of them had very different dreams for their future. Logan simply could not date until he was a sophomore at the Academy, and she needed to focus on her own education.

Now she was an attorney at a law firm in Annapolis. When she got the job, she decided to rent a place down by the water and asked Emma to be her roommate. They needed a change from home without going too far and they had the added bonus of there being a small city like atmosphere for them to enjoy. Logan was making his way back over to Abagail when a group of his friends stopped to talk with him. She watched in awe as he continued to keep watching her from just the corner of his eye, to anybody else it would appear he was not looking at her, but she knew he was as she could feel his gaze upon her face.

Continuing to talk to his friends he could not help but notice how Abagail's eyes held mystery behind them, her skin glowing beneath the lights as they danced across the club, the lush fullness of her pink lips as she sipped on her drink. Logan was not sure what was happening, he knew by looking at her that she was not the same woman he once loved, but now she was a puzzle that he wanted to know. Following her gaze, he noticed how she watched Emma and Andrew dance out on the floor. Quickly he excused himself from the conversation and made his way over to her setting her drink down on the table and pulling her up to her feet leading her to the floor.

"Come on we can talk later, for now, let's go dance," Logan said giving her a smile that had her grinning back as she took his hand following him to the dance floor.

Logan guided Abagail over by Emma. At first, she was hesitant to Logan's touch on her waist. He quickly found the beat and began moving to the song; Abagail glanced at Emma in a slight panic by what she was doing. As she made eye contact with Emma, she found her watching her back and she smiled encouragingly letting her know she was there if she needed her.

Finally, closing her eyes, she listened to the music and found herself automatically beginning to dance to the music, swaying her hips to the beat. As the song changed into one that was faster paced, Abagail opened her eyes to find herself dancing close to Logan so that they just nearly touched as they moved to the beat. Closing her eyes, she could still feel his hand on her hip resting with a slight grip. Slowly with each song that played, her worries slipped away, and nothing else mattered by the two of them dancing together. As they continued to dance, they became slick with sweat as it glided down their skin. Each new song that came on, they moved together effortlessly as if nobody was watching them.

Occasionally, Emma and Abagail would sing a few lyrics together as they danced next to each other. Mostly all Abagail could see was Logan standing in front of her guiding her with each step they took. After a while of dancing a slow song came on, without hesitation, her arms wound around his neck moving her hips to the rhythm of the song. Logan smiled at her as he tightened his hand on her hip, enjoying the soft silky texture of her navy-blue dress in his hands. Logan brushed his fingers up and down gently on her hips, causing a tingling sensation to run up her spine. Shivering a little from his touch, she leaned her head forward against his chest moving her fingers soothingly across his neck in a circular motion. When the song changed they continued to dance like that, she could hear his heart beating fast beneath his chest. Finally, Abagail pulled back some smiling up at Logan as she turned in his arms to dance. She stayed flush against his body continuing to move to the beat swaying her hips, grinding up against Logan. With each movement, his fingers would dig into her hips just a little harder as he moved with her.

"You are driving me insane," Logan growled in her ear, as a slow grin formed over her face.

Eventually, Emma griped Abagail's hand, pulling her to the table. As they left the dance floor Logan's hands remained on one of Abagail's hips smiling at Emma with a knowing look about him.

"I am hot it is definitely getting more crowded out there" Emma exclaimed fanning herself with her hand looking pointedly at Logan.

"All right I get it; I will be right back with some drinks. Andrew come help," Logan said knowing Emma's look as he went with Andrew to the bar to get drinks for everyone

"So spill it woman what is happening," Emma asked placing her hand knowingly on her hip as she looked at Abagail

"I am not sure, but missy you have no room to talk, what about you!" Abagail said as she continued watching Logan's retreating form frowning slightly as she realized that with one night she already began to fall for him again.

"Oh, I am hoping something, he has been really nice and gentleman-like. He has not left me to go dance with anyone else, and we have talked a bit in between songs. Overall he seems nice even if his original attentions where a bit misguided" Emma said smiling as she thought about it.

"A little misguided?" Abagail asked turning her attention back to Emma "He admitted to wanting a threesome with us" Abagail said pointing a finger between herself and Emma

"I do not care what his original attentions were, at least he was honest once he knew that we knew what he was up to. He could have denied it and then went elsewhere to look for it, instead he continued to dance with me and get drinks when needed." Emma smiled sly at Abagail.

"Wait how many times have you come off the dance floor?" Abagail asked unknowingly

"About three or four times," Emma said grinning "we have been dancing for about three hours now"

"Oh, I had no idea, it had been that long, no wonder I am all sweaty and dam thirsty," Abagail said slightly shocked at how long she was out on the floor it had felt like only a few minutes, not a few hours.

"Well I guess we got back just in time then," Logan said from behind Abagail as handed her a bottle of water.

"Yes, it is" Abagail smiled politely as she took the bottle of water and drank half of it.

"Slow down or you will make yourself sick," Logan said as he placed his hand back on her hip.

"Sorry I really am thirsty I had no idea it was getting this late or that we had been out there that long," Abagail said as she leaned back into the comfort of Logan's chest

"No, I think you were a bit to preoccupy to care about time" Emma responds laughing.

"That is for sure, I thought we needed to tell you to get a room at one point," Andrew added giving a knowing grin to Logan as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at Abagail.

Abagail blushed realizing now that everyone could watch her grind up against Logan, but at that moment, she did not care, she had felt safe and comfortable dancing with him. She was not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but for tonight, she just wanted to enjoy his company.

"Do you want to dance some more or just sit for now?" Logan asked as he moved his hand across her back hugging her tighter against him.

"I think I am good for now, when do you guys have to be back?" Abagail asked looking between Andrew and Logan.

"We just have to check in first thing in the morning so that they see we did not leave town and make sure we did not get into any trouble," Andrew answered as he took the rest of Emma's drink and finished it for her

"Hey that was my jerk," Emma mocked giving him a dirty look.

As the two bickered about him taking her drink. Abagail looked at Logan with a slight question in her eyes. She really wanted to enjoy the night for what it was, but she was also scared of getting hurt. Her head was telling her that it was just a one-night thing that it was no big deal, but she also knew in her heart that he could break her all over again. Logan leaned down next to her ear and whispered gently;

"I am not sure what is happening either, but I do know that I would like to find out. I considered leaving you alone when you came through that door tonight, but something kept pulling me towards you. It is up to what happens after tonight, but for now I would like to just enjoy this," Logan said motioning between them

As he spoke Abagail turned to look in his eyes, as she did she watched him drop whatever persona it was that he wanted everyone else to see, and at that moment she got a glimpse of a man that was troubled, she was not sure if it was from what was happening or something else. Nevertheless, at that moment she decided that she was willing to find out.

"For tonight we will enjoy this, and tomorrow we will see what happens from here. I know that I am at least willing to be friends, but from there I am not sure," Abagail said being openly honest with him and allowing him to see the pain she was carrying around on her shoulders.

Logan harden at what he saw behind her eyes, he was not sure what it was but he knew something had caused her a deep pain. One that kept her from trusting others easily, he just hoped that maybe she could learn to trust him again. With that, Abagail took his hand leading him back to the dance floor. Deciding to dance the night away. Chapter two

Abagail woke up to a banging noise coming from the kitchen. She reached over picking up her cell phone it was almost noon. Sitting there for a moment listening to the banging continue, she thought about the events of last night. Never did she expect going out with Emma in the middle of September that she would run into Logan. Sitting up and pulling her knees so that she could rest her cheek against her them she thought about everything that happened last night. The way Logan touched her as they danced, how he never let her out of his sight even when he walked over to the bar or was talking with friends. It had been a long time since she could remember feeling so in harmony with someone. It was a great evening. The more she thought about it the bigger the smile on face became.

Finally, she threw her covers back picking up her navy pullover hoodie as she went out the door to find Emma. Last night she remembered, Andrew and Emma disappearing just before closing. Andrew had told Logan something while dancing and then the next she knew they left. Abagail had no idea what had even happened until Logan offered to walk her home so she was not alone.

"You lady have some explaining to do" Abagail directed at Emma as she entered into the kitchen noticing that Emma was already showered and dressed "and where are you going?"

"Yes, I have some explaining to do, but first nothing happened we just went somewhere to talk." Emma said pointedly at Abagail as she handed her a drink and something to eat "Second I have a lunch date" Emma announced proudly smiling at Abagail

"Really you are going out with him again today?" Abagail exclaimed as she picked at the sandwich Emma had made her "he must have really made an impression on you last night, or was the 'talking' that great" Abagail asked using air quotes as she tried not to laugh at Emma

"We seriously just talked," Emma said throwing a towel at Abagail "but yes he made a good impression, I get the sense that under that bad boy attitude he gives off is a really nice guy," Emma said smiling

"Well that is good, it is nice to see you going out and excited again, I know that the last break up sucked, but that does not mean they are all like Zach," Abagail said giving Emma a smile of encouragement.

"Speaking of guys, what happened after we left with Logan?" Emma asked curiosity lighting up her face

"Not much we danced until closing and then he walked me home, he did not even come upstairs" she responded nonchalantly

"Did you at least exchange numbers?" Emma asked

"Actually, no. But it was probably for the best, while it was good to see him again it is just not a good idea" Abagail said staring down into her cup

"It is a big deal, you not only saw Logan but I have not seen you that happy in a very long time Abi," Emma said coming over to sit next to her. "I know that you are scared of getting hurt again, but you never know if this thing with Logan or any other guy for that matter will work if you do not put yourself back out there. I know that what happened with Matt hurt big time, and I still cannot believe he was cheating the whole time. But you have to move on." Emma said rubbing her hand up and down her arm.

"I know but I do not think that anything will come from last night, it was just two old friends reconnecting. I mean hell he did not even bother to give me his number, or ask for mine," she said looking pointedly at Emma

"Maybe so, but from now on try to be more open with guys, not everyone is Matt," Emma said standing up and heading to the door "we will talk later but I need to get going," she said grinning wildly as she left

Abigail sat thinking about what Emma had said. She knew that not every man was like Matt, but that did not mean that she was willing to start trusting again. After finishing her sandwich, she decided to go for a run to help clear her head, so she went and changed before she headed out.

On her way down the steps, Abigail got her earbuds in and began looking for the playlist she wanted. She had on a pair of Nike capris running pants, and a matching Adidas bra with a loose fitting running shirt, and sneakers. As she found what she wanted to listen to, she took off running. Each day she ran a different route, some days she just ran whichever way the traffic allowed her. If she came to an intersection, she went whichever way she could cross without having to wait. Today she was running to clear her head and enjoying the music. It was warm for late September but it was just cool enough to keep her comfortable.

Abigail had no idea how long she had been running for when she found herself down by the Naval Academy; she began to slow down taking in the scene on the other side of the gate. There where units doing drills as she stopped to watch, after a few minutes she went back to running heading back towards the harbor so that she could backtrack to her apartment. By now, she was guessing she had been running for at least two hours. As she ran past the main gate, she saw a group of people running from the Academy in their PT gear. Slowing her pace, she stayed behind them as they ran in the same general direction as her. She could not hear them over her headphones but ultimately was content to match their pace. As they began to cross a street she decided to take the longer route home and go directly along the water. As she did she felt someone come up close behind her. After a few minutes passed and they did not go past her, she pulled out one of the earbuds to be able to hear. They both continued to run but they never came up within her line of sight. Finally, she decided to look back, it was Logan running behind her. As they made eye contact, he pulled out one of his own earbuds as well.

"Hey did not expect to see you out on my run today," Logan said as he moved his pace to match hers and run alongside her

"I can say the same thing, I was starting to think I had someone stalking me," Abi said reaching to turn her music down to hear him better

"Maybe you do have a stalker" Logan retorted smiling as they continued to run "mind if I join you on the rest of your run?"

"Sure, but I was actually heading back to my apartment I have been out here for a while" Abigail retorted looking at her fitness tracker "actually I have run almost 15 miles already"

"That is fine unless you do not want me to join you? We did PT first then finished with a run, I am about ready to be done" Logan said slowing his pace as they got closer to the inner harbor making it harder to run.

"That is fine; actually would you like to stop? I could really use some water," Abigail said as she slowed to match his run

"You can have the rest of this if you want" he smiled offering her the bottle he had in his other hand

"Are you sure there is not much left" she responded as she slowed to a walk reaching for the bottle

"Yes if you have been running this whole time without water, you need it more than me" he gave her the bottle shaking his head

"I was a bit distracted when I left, I did not know I forgot it until I was too far to go back" she smiled drinking the last drop of water "thanks if you want you can fill it up at my place if you are going to go back" she said blushing as she realized she invited him over

"Sure that sounds good, but do you mind if we walk the rest of the way. It would be nice to talk without everyone around or the loud music," he said throwing her a casual smile

Abagail shook her head as she smiled liking that he wanted to talk to her. She thought for sure that after last night she would not see him again for years. I mean they did not even have each other's number, why would she expect to talk to him again. Logan walked quietly beside her as she thought to herself. She glanced around taking in the scene and the view of the water out over the river. As she looked back up, she found Logan stopped standing a few steps behind her; she looked back at him and tilted her head to the side in wonder.

"Why did you stop?" she asked quietly looking back at the water

"I was just taking in the view, it's just really great today," he said as he continued to watch her as she watched the water smiling

"It is really nice out today, I don't think I have stopped to watch from down here in a while" she responds still watching the boats coming in and out of the harbor and the kids running around playing near the end of the dock.

"It is but not what I was talking about" he responded

As Logan spoke, he moved next to Abigail turning her face towards him smiling gently. As they sat gazing at each other, Logan reached his hand up moving a piece of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail. She smiled up at him as she leaned into his open palm. Abagail began to think that maybe she could trust him, she could feel his openness towards her and she so badly wanted to trust in someone again. Abagail started to lean closer towards Logan as his hand caressed her cheek. Suddenly a car horn blared from the nearby street. Startling them both, waking Abagail out of the trance she was in as she pulled away from him.

"Guess we should finish walking back now," Logan said as he turned to start walking towards her apartment

"Ok," Abagail said softly

As they walked in peaceful silence Abigail continued to feel a little dazed and confused by his actions, she was certain he was calling her a beautiful site and going to kiss her. Then the next minute it was like it never happened. Deciding to shrug it off she turned her attention back to the view and silently walked with him back to her apartment.

Arriving at her apartment, Abagail was a little hesitant at bringing him upstairs. She glanced back over her should at Logan as he followed her up and for once was hoping that Emma was home to maybe keep things from being awkward. After she unlocked her door, she let Logan enter closing the door behind him as he surveyed the apartment.

When first entering you come into one big room that is the living room, and the kitchen that has a bar style counter top with a few bar stools. They had never bothered to get a dining room table as it allowed more room for an additional love seat. To the right were two sets of doors, one led to the master bedroom, which was Abi's, and the other was the bath. On the other side were Emma's room and the closet that held the washer and dryer. It was not much but it was all they needed.

"Wow this is a really nice apartment Ab's," Logan said as he surveyed the space

"It is not much but it works for us and it has a nice view" she responded gesturing out the window where you could see the Naval Academy up the river and parts of the inner harbor.

"It would be better if you had a balcony since you are on the 4th floor, but your right it is not bad," Logan said walking closer to the window.

"Actually there is one off the Master, I have a small table and lounger out there it's really nice at night as you can hear the water hitting the pier and it is kind of calming." she responded smiling "Would you like a drink?" she asked as she walked over to the kitchen pulling out a bottle of water for herself

"Yes one of those would be awesome since someone finished all mine off" he retorted with a devilish grin

"I warned you before I even took it so do not go there," she laughed tossing him a bottle before sitting at the counter to take off her shoes "do you care if I get in the shower really quick? I do not want to be rude and leave you out here alone, but my feet hurt and I smell," Abi said throwing her sneakers over by the door.

"You do not smell, but yes I promise to be a good guest and not snoop through at least your underwear drawer" he responded smirking as he kicked off his sneakers before heading to sit on the couch.

Abigail shook her head at him as she headed into the shower. As she shut the door, she heard ESPN coming from the living room. Jumping in the shower as quickly as she could she started to wonder why Logan was even here. Was he just hoping to carry on from last night for the weekend, or was it going to go on for longer? While she needed to put herself out in the dating world again, she did not want to be taking his signals the wrong way. Logan could do so much more damage to her than Matt ever did, she had thought she was over Logan, but after last night so many feelings had resurfaced that she was not sure what to do.

Finishing rinsing the conditioner in her hair, she decided to try being open with Logan. All she wanted to know was what was happening, was this a weekend thing, did he want to be friends or something more. Finishing her shower Abi climbed out drying her hair.

"Fuck me" Abi mumbled as she looked around the bathroom hitting her elbow on the sink "Dammit" she shrieked rubbing her elbow

"Everything ok in there" Logan hollered over the TV as she could hear him turning it down some,

"Yes, just hit my elbow is all," she replied as she continued scolding herself

Before jumping in the shower, she forgot to get clean clothes from her room. Now she was looking around the bathroom trying to decide what to do. She had two choices she could put back on her running clothes or she would have to walk out of the bathroom in just a towel in order to go into her room to get dressed. Quickly she picked up her running clothes from the clothes basket, as she did she could smell the stench. Dropping them back into the basket, she realized the only thing she could do was go out in a towel. Slowly she finished drying off her hair running a brush through it quickly, as she did, she smiled at how light it had become from the summer sun. Finally, she took a deep breath as she looked down to make sure the towel was covering everything, before opening the door to go into her own room.

Thump, as she exited the bathroom she fell, landing face first on the floor.

"Are you ok?" Logan asked jumping up from the couch to move towards her

"Yeah I am fine," Abi said as she went to stand back up.

As she went to push up from the floor, she realized that in the midst of tripping she had thrown her hands out to break her fall and had let go of her towel, as a result, her ass was completely naked and exposed. Quickly reaching to pull the towel back around her she looked down trying her best not to make eye contact with Logan.

"Are you sure you are fine Ab's?" Logan asked reaching out to help her finish standing

"Yes, just forgot to get my clothes, and well I didn't expect there to be something there" she responded still looking at the floor as her cheeks continued to burn red from embarrassment

"Sorry I thought I was moving my shoes out of the way, kind of forgot that you tend to trip over things easily," Logan chuckled "There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about anyway," he asked giving her a devilish smirk "I've seen it before"

"Yea well I am going to go get dressed now" she responded rolling her eyes as she walked into her room, making sure not to trip over anything else "I cannot believe I just did that," she mumbled under her breath as she closed her door

Sitting on the bed she pulled herself together and finally looked down to make sure she really was ok. Yelp, no blood, and everything felt great, except her now hurt ego from not only falling on her face in front of him but also from showing him her whole ass. Finishing getting dressed she headed back to the living room.

Logan was still standing outside her bedroom door when she finally emerged. Glancing down he took in the dark denim jeans that she wore with a seafoam scoop neck shirt, but what really caught his eye was her necklace.

Reaching out he picked up the necklace, running the pendant between his fingers gently.

"You still have this," Logan murmured softly as he continued holding the necklace in his hand

"Yea, it is still one of my favorites, normally this is the one I wear. I can take it off if you want," she responded softly looking into his eyes.

"No, I have always enjoyed seeing you wear this; I was just surprised to see that you still do. I would think that…" his responds trailed off as he looked into her eyes.

Slowly Logan laid the necklace back down on her chest, as he did he moved his hand grazing over her collarbone, moving his hand slowly up so that he was cupping her cheek. Abagail closed her eyes leaning slightly into his touch. Sighing she opened her eyes again meeting directly with Logan's.

"What are we doing Logan?" she asked so softly that he almost did not hear her

"Honestly I do not know, I never thought I would see you again, and then when I saw you running by the Academy I just had to talk to you," he said gently still rubbing his fingers lightly over her cheek. "I would like to keep spending time with you, I do know that," he said moving his other hand to rest on her hip then slowly sliding his thumb under the hem of her shirt and grazing her skin.

"I do too, but Logan I just, this is a bit fast and sudden," she said tilting her head into his hand more as she cast her gaze down to the floor.

"Ab's look at me please," Logan said gently as he continued rubbing his thumb over her skin. "I do not know who hurt you, but I can tell you that no matter what you can trust me, even if this does not work out, I would never break your trust," he said staring back at her searching hoping that she would believe him.

"I know you would not break my trust, you have always been honest. But that doesn't mean I won't get hurt" she said letting her walls down a little for him to see just how hurt she was.

"Maybe so, but you never know until you try Ab, I cannot help but feel like we need to try this again," he said rubbing his thumb over her cheek again.

"You are still the only on that calls me that," she said finally giving him a small smile reaching out to touch his chest

"Really?" he said slightly surprised resting his forehead against hers as he spoke, "So what do you say about giving this a try?"

Chapter Three

Shuddering under his touch, she closed her eyes as his forehead touched hers. Pondering the possibility, she wondered if it was possible for them to connect after all these years. She could feel the turmoil that was going through his body as he awaited her response. The only other person that could read her this well was Emma and that was because they had become more like sisters than friends.

As they sat awaiting her response, Abigail heard Emma's key in the door. She began to pull away from Logan, but he held onto her hip locking eyes with her as they waited, and anticipated not only her answer but also what they both knew would happen once Emma opened that door.

"Oh my god you will never believe how wonderful he is," Emma started right away not looking up as she came in yelling for Abagail, "as big of a player as he was last night he was really" Emma stopped midsentence as she took in Abigail and Logan standing in the living room "um hi Logan I did not expect to see you"

"Yeah I know," Logan said finally looking away from Abigail momentarily as he spread his palm flat against her back.

"Well that's cool," Emma, added looking at Abigail finally and trying to hide a smile "well I think I will go get changed into something else, it is a bit warm out," Emma said heading towards her room.

As she walked behind Logan she stopped and mouthed to Abagail 'what did I miss,' Abagail just shrugged. Once her door closed, Abagail looked back up at Logan still unsure of how to respond, she felt pulled in multiple directions. Logan began walking her backward into her room; he knew Emma was trying to listen in some and wanted to give Abagail a bit more privacy so that maybe she would answer him. She hesitated as they began walking backward not really wanting to be in her room with him.

"We can go out to the balcony if you want, I want to make sure you do not feel pressured into any answer," he whispered as they kept going

As they went out to the balcony, she leaned against the railing taking in the view surrounding them. She loved the view of the Academy from here, it was the main reason she had chosen this apartment. Being able to come out here gave her a sense of serenity and peace. Logan sat in one of the chairs pulling her gently into his lap, as she sat stiff as a board at first, she slowly relaxed laying her head down on his shoulder.

Logan took the time to see how well she had sculpted her body, in high school, she was always curvy, but now her curves even more sculpted, and her hair was much longer then she uses to keep it. Life after high school had done her well; he just wondered what happen to cause the storm hiding in her eyes. Whatever it was he knew it caused her a lot of pain and was the reason she was so disdained.

"What is going through that pretty little head of yours?" he said softly pressing a kiss to the back of her head

"Sorry, I think I trailed off into la-la land more than anything. But I do think I have made a decision" she responded slowly turning in his arms to face him

"What would that be?" Logan asked studying her trying to read what she was thinking

"Well first you need to go get cleaned up so that we can go eat, then I will answer," she said smiling

"You really are going to make me wait?" Logan asked as she smiled up at him "Ok, I will bite. Can you drive me back to the Academy? So I can take a quick shower, and then we can leave from there," Logan asked slowly standing up and setting her on her feet in front of him.

She agreed to take him back to base and asked where they would be going to eat, so she knew if she needed to change. Logan told her she looked fine and took her hand to lead her inside. Abagail picked up her cell phone and saw a few messages from Emma. She wanted to know what was going on while she was at lunch. Smiling to herself, she picked up her wallet shoving it in her pocket and snatched her hoodie.

Logan followed Abigail down to the parking lot as she led the way over to her car. Once they got in, she headed towards the Academy, making sure to ask which gate it was easier to go in for him to get back to his dorm. Logan told her where to go, saying that he had town liberty the rest of the weekend and that he did not have to report until dinner on Sunday night. Once they got on base Abagail parked as Logan ran up to take a shower. So Abagail decided to walk around the closer buildings while she waited, it had been a long time since she was on campus. The campus was still just as stunning as the first time she had seen it. Circling back around she sat on a bench near her car pulling out her kindle to read while she waited, she was lost in the book reading Brady Remington by Tijan, when Logan came back out and slowly approached her.

"Nice to see that something's are still the same," Logan said sitting next to her gesturing to her book "you still get lost in those things don't you?"

"Yes I do, I love reading it takes me away from whatever trouble is going on in my real life, I can pick up one of her books and just get taken away. Sometimes it is almost like I am there right along with them" she responded smiling at her book as she turned off her kindle.

"Well that is a good thing, it is something that allows you to relax, without that in our lives we would go nuts" Logan smiled as he stood back up reaching to pull her with him "Have you ever been to Sam's on the Waterfront?" he asked as he released her hand turning towards the car

"No, but I have heard really good things about it, is that where we are heading?" she responded following him over and leaning against the driver side door

"If that is ok with you, gets us out of town without going too far and it has a waterfront view, hence the name" Logan smirked at her over the roof before climbing in

"Sounds like a plan to me" she responded climbing in and heading the car towards the restaurant

As they drove to the restaurant the casually talked about different things, still trying to catch a bit in each other's lives. Logan kept his full attention on her as she drove, taking in every detail and noting how important her job really had become to her. He was mesmerized by the way she talked about different things that she did on regular bases, how much detail she could give, but yet there was still an air of mystery to what she actually did and whom she was helping. Their conversation carried all the way until the restaurant.

Once there Logan came around to her side of the car placing his hand on the small of her back as he followed her inside. Walking into the restaurant she watched as Logan asked for an outside table for two as the host attempted to flirt with him, while his hand was still on her back. As they got seated outside, it was on a deck that was against the bay looking up into the harbor. Logan smirked as he took in her expression.

"What is so funny" she finally snapped picking up the menu scanning its contents

"Nothing, other than the amount of jealousy written all over your gorgeous face" he quickly retorted as his grin grew bigger

"I am not jealous" she responded looking down at the menu as a deep blush crept up her neck

"Sure, you're not" Logan mumbled going over the menu himself

After the waiter took their order Logan gently reached over taking her small hand into his rather large one in comparison. When she did not pull away from him, he took that as a good sign. They continued to sit in more silence watching boats come in and out of the harbor, as they finally ate their dinner Logan decided it was time to know her answer,

"So are you going to give me my answer Ab's" he prodded feeling this pull to make the hurt he saw in her eyes go away as she finally met his gaze.

"Logan, we have not seen each other in nearly 8 years until last night," she said taking her hand off the table and casting a downward glance at the table.

"You do not know anything about me anymore. I am not the same girl you left behind in high school, that girl is long gone, she is broken, first by when you choose to leave without giving a thought as to what I wanted and then by good life" Abagail responded her voice rising as the tears fell freely now.

They sat in silence for a moment or so, as Logan waved down the waiter for the check so they could leave. Quickly pulling out some cash and setting it on the table he stood up reaching for her hand to pull her to her feet as she quietly cried. Guiding her quietly out to the car he kept his hand intertwined with hers and his other on her back.

"Let it out Ab, you may not think I understand but believe me I do," Logan said running a soothing hand up and down her back. "I know it was my decision to leave you back in high school, but neither of us is the same people we were back then.

Slowly Abagail calmed herself down, picking up her head she used her sleeve to wipe off her face. Looking up at Logan, she sighed as she really contemplated what to do. Her head was telling her that while they had grown up since high school, that she did not know the man in front over her anymore. To much time had passed. Another part of her still held some love for the man standing before her. But after 8 years apart and only 1 night together, there was no way they still knew each other or had anything in common. They had both followed their dreams and those dreams did not cross together, they just did not fit. *

"Maybe you are right Ab we are not the same people that we were back in high school. Let us first start with trying to be friends. No pressure, no guarantee of any future. You can always use another friend, can't you?" Logan said lightheartedly looking down at her.

"No gimmicks, just friends?" she said looking at him surprised slightly in his change of mind, but thankful "Go back to being friends like we use to be?" she said still not sure she was understanding him correctly

"Yelp, just friends no weird dynamics, nothing more than friends that spend time together and hang out when they want to," Logan said as he stuck his hands in the front pocket of his jeans standing up straighter emphasizing just how broad he was.

"I think I can handle that," she responded stepping from behind the car as she pulled her keys from her pocket.

They drove back in peaceful silence to the school, where she dropped him off at the school where the exchanged cell numbers and discussed running together again tomorrow afternoon.