Part of a project I thought about doing. A drabbles series based on some of my favorite/or I find interesting TV Tropes. Hope you enjoy!

01. Anti-Hero


"I've received intel that some criminals are conducting their drug business behind the pyramids of Chichen Itza for a few months, from the boss. He wants you to exterminate them. Good luck, sir."

A man with tanned skin, green eyes, and black hair sighed. Rubbing his face, he rolled away from his desktop. Liam Beck stood up and called out to his wife, grabbing his leather sleeveless coat, "Bella, it's that time of the month!" ringing it out.

"Liam!" his wife called out from outside of the room, just not impressed with that phrase he made.

The engine of a Jeep died down, as the wheel became stagnant on the rocky road. "Mr. Beck, it's your time. Let them know why you're called 'The God of Ten-Thousand Blades'." Said an African-American man who was behind the wheel.

The door opened and closed, with Liam being hidden by the shadows of the night. "Will do," he said, straightening out his coat. As he walked down the path, there was a small, lit-up bulb in the distance, with smoke flying up to the moon. The goons probably set up a fire, just to celebrate whatever milestone they hit in their little drug factory.

Liam walked past the pyramid, face in a motionless state, even as he was coming closer to the sounds of goons cheering and drinking in the night.

Liam stepped in front of the settlement, just several inches from a group of seven men. The fire was roaring before his body, as one man holding a large bottle of beer was laughing until he noticed him. The man raised a brow, wondering how this guy found their place or if he was part of their group.

"Hey, the hell you are?" the man bellowed, as some of his own comrades looked at where he was facing too.

Liam only reached into his coat and- a machete was thrown and lodged in the man's neck, causing him to grab it as he choked. The other men grew angered, some of them picking up their guns, charging, and firing at him. Liam jumped in the air, brandishing some smaller blades from his thigh holsters, and throwing them at his enemies. About three were hit, either in the head or neck, their blood falling to the ground. Liam landed on his hand and knee, brandishing another machete from his coat as the remaining men fired at him at again. Liam evaded the bullets once more, darting towards them.

He slashed one man in the stomach, causing blood and guts to pour. The man in the middle's eyes widened, just seeing the scene before him. The man behind him told him to fire, and he obliged. He fired at Liam, but the assassin lifted up the dead corpse and used it as a shield. His teeth were gritted, feeling the blood touch his face but thankfully none of the bullets that were heading for him. The man before the middle ran while still holding his gun in his hands.

Before his comrade could curse him out, Liam shoved his machete through his esophagus, a fountain of blood appearing. Liam's victim fell down, body covering the gun. The assassin shook his head.

"Guns, only for the cowards," he muttered, going after the last man, having the machete back in his use.

The last man ran into a tent that was next to the pyramid. Laying inside, was a young woman with copper hair, wearing a black silk dress. The commotion woke the woman up, asking her boyfriend, "Que pasa?"

Her boyfriend rummaged through the bags, "Ay un puto con muchos kuchillos aqui! El ya mato los demas; tenemos que ir—" Liam's machete was placed over his left shoulder, causing the man's brows to be elevated. He could feel something cold in his body, as he was too scared to look right behind. He held his hands up, pleading, "Por favor, no me mate!" His girlfriend was looking, wondering what the hell was going on and why.

A splatter of blood was all there was, hitting the tent's fabric. The head was hanging by only a small piece of skin, body falling out the ground. The man's girlfriend's mouth gaped, staring at the blade that was dripping with blood. Her face grew angered, her teeth were bared out and eyebrows being pulled down to the bridge of her nose.

"COMO PUDE HACER ESTO?!" she cried out, going for her boyfriend's gun. She pulled the trigger, but nothing erupted. She gasped. Liam slapped the gun from her hand.

"It's only for the good of the world." He told her.

Es por el bien del mundo.

Liam left that poor young woman all alone, not a single drop of remorse in his eyes.


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