15. Big Brother Instinct


Out of all of the times that Lewis left his umbrella at home, it had to be today. The bulky, brown-haired teen ran down the side of the street, cursing to himself. Dang, and he didn't even bring his favorite jacket to school either. Lewis closed his eyes, sighing quietly to himself. Whatever, he thought, I've been through tougher stuff than this. Lewis let out a small smile, but when he did, he halted. He heard a car door close behind him. Though—by someone he resented with all of his soul.

Lewis pulled out his laser-gun, but a hand was held out for him.

There, just four years older than him and with a black-dyed mullet, was his brother, Simon.

"Yo, yo, lil' bro, ain't no need for a scuffle," he told him with a smug smile.

The teen spy hated that about him. "What do you want, Simon?"

"Saw how you were running from class with your hands held up high." He told him, walking right around him. He snapped his fingers, "Just get in the car, Lewis. You know we're both off the clock from our works."

"How do I know you won't trap me?" The spy asked him, his laser gun in his belt.

"It's the least I could do for you. We still came from the same parents." Simon told, his finger darting to both of them.

Lewis huffed slowly. "Fine, but I won't hesitate to fire if something across our way."


Thank you for so much for reading; this was so exhausting to write. Spies FTW!

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