my reaction to learning a fake friend deliberately used their own depressed feelings to goad me into feeling responsible for their "Death"

you vile, vile,twisted snake.

you took my heart and twisted it like a knife.

you made me care and warped my caring into a blade which you then used to stab yourself

ask yourself, who is the greater fool?

the one who uses suicide as a means to bolster their feelings onto someone else-

or the brave one who deals with it on their own instead of selfishly

placing their own life onto someone else?

well, you are free to live your own disgusting life elsewhere

for now you are gone, gone, gone.

Erased with a simple click from my eyesight.

Be gone, and do not do such warped things again.

You are responsible for your own happiness.

Above all, please learn some respect for others.

You are desperately lacking in it, my fake friend.