It is a tale as old as time, they say

One that people still think of every day

Human loss, human arrogance, pays its price.

This one, however, paid the price with ice.

It is a story no human being has forgotten

The tale of woe and suffering that was begotten

So many years ago, has changed our world forever

But so many forget, oh do they forget

That before the Titanic was a mere symbol of regret

She was a living thing, a thing of beauty and wonder

A thing that everyone stopped to ponder

Nary an eye could ever pass by the marvelous ship

Oh, how everyone wanted to go on this magnificent trip

Be on her beautiful bow, travel down the grand staircase

Whether you be someone rich or someone not so fortunate

There was nothing better than this palace of dreams

The newspapers were full of it, it seems

Dazzle, glamour, spectacle and riches galore!

The Titanic possessed all this and so much more.

Turkish baths, spas, a pool, and reading rooms

Unknowingly to those who stayed, these would become their tombs.

She was built with the most tender and loving care

Humans who wanted to live and have a fabulous affair

Unfortunately, when that ship departed from the dock of Cherbourg on 10 April of 1912

She was a mystical goddess, returning to her natural home.

Stranded on the ocean, all alone.

The ecstasy continued, for five nights, splendor and happiness were to be found everywhere!

John Jacob Astor, Molly Brown, and others partying without a care!

The first class passengers dreamed of more wealth, gems and greed

While the second class never hungered after things they didn't need

The courageous third class, merely ghosts, were the ones who needed help most.

Alas, nothing gold can stay.

On the morning of 15 April, 1915, Titanic bowed her last.

She met her nemesis, the iceberg, who bowed like a man asking a woman to dance

Before he turned and broke her heart in one final stance

The humans believed they'd gone away unscathed

Oh how foolish they were, as blue ocean water started to fill the ship

Time and life were beginning to slip

It was the apocalypse

Men, women and children desperately fighting for their lives

All aboard a ticking time bomb that was going off at any time

Run, fight, get into lifeboats all you like, it won't change a thing.

This ship is going down and everyone aboard it will drown!

Oh, the brave Captain Smith, always being a valiant hero,

He tried to save everyone else, until his life went down to zero.

Women and children were of utmost priority.

Tis a pity that men were not of importance, too.

Here, there, everywhere, panic starts.

Get in the lifeboat, they commanded!

It's the captain's orders, they demanded!

The ship is going to sink?

What an absurd thing to think!

That ship is a massive iron castle.

No way she can ever sink from something that is a mere hassle.

But as the hours ticked on, time began to run out for the beloved liner.

Water, water, the grave for over 1,000 souls

As more and more finally started to realize

That the ship was going to capsize

It's too late, much too late!

You have chosen to delay too long, to wait!

And because of that, you've sealed your fate!

Edward Smith turned and looked at his men,

He said, amen to all you gentlemen, now let's go look for any more passengers!

And with a wave and a bow, the dear captain fell beneath the waves,

Satisfied at having saved as many as he could.

Chaos, sheer and utter panic

People, people, all absolutely manic.

Below them, the poor, innocent souls of third class blead and peg

Give us a hand, give us a leg!

Trapped within an iron cage, nowhere to go, to get off the stage

The ship sinks, dragging the innocents down with it

The ship takes young and old, innocent and guilty, without giving a shit.

2:00 on the hour.

The urgency of the situation becomes clearer.

Rockets shooting in the sky

People begging and screaming, crying for mercy

Oh where is the lie?

As the band continues playing their funeral song of death

Everywhere, the ship starts tilting, throwing those off it.

Innocent souls, bobbing beneath the endless blue

Dying the waters a crimson hue


The hour that only a number of souls will remember

The lights flared out like embers,

The ship of a thousand dreams held itself up high

As though a goddess looking up from above

Then it tore itself asunder

As the ship began to go under

Taking with her a thousand people

People like you and me, with hopes and dreams

The little, little lifeboats, rowing away, watching as the disaster began

Everywhere, screams and cries of innocents could be heard

Those begging without a word

As they drowned and froze within the cold brine

There was nothing on that night that was divine

Innocent souls pleading for help that was not given

All because of greed and selfishness that is not forgiven

Then, wo, in came a savior!

The brave ship the Carpathia!

She brought them all back to shore

Allowed them once more an ordinary life!

The horrors became unveiled to the world!

How, but how, is the question on everyone's minds, even to this day?

How on earth could a ship as perfect, as mythical, as wonderful as Titanic sink?

The answer is simple, I say.

All pride goeth before a fall, I say.

Human arrogance has its part to play.

But overall, nothing amazing can stay.

The Titanic was doomed from the start

An immortal being in a land of mortals

She took her last bow and returned to her home in the heavens

As her carcass lies below the ocean floors, decaying

Her days are dwindling, we hear

The ship is becoming a mere memory.

Oh, but never forget RMS Titanic, I say.

Never forget the brave souls who went on that ship

And went with it and did not come back alive.

Never forget the brave crew who sacrificed themselves

So that those that were saved could live.

It is a crime, I say, for this ship to be forgotten.

She is an example of things that must be remembered.

For those mistakes that were committed in the past will soon be repeated.

The legacy of the Titanic will never be defeated.