People say that good things last forever and bad things last for a short while. But I say they're crazy, it seems like nothing but bad has happened to me since I was born. My parents both died on the day I was born, my mother shortly after giving birth to me and my father not long after. My big brother Evan managed to escape with me in his arms, wailing. He was only 6 years old then but he knew he had to run and get himself and I to a safe place so we wouldn't be killed. We were taken in by a couple who saw my brother running out onto the street while they were driving, they had almost hit him from what he told me. They raised us until Evan turned 16, then he moved out and took me with him. But not before thanking them for everything. After that we moved into a huge apartment in the 3rd District, 2 Districts away from where I was born. It was awesome, I got to sleep in the room closest to the balcony with an amazing view of the District, especially when it was all lit up at night. Okay, I take back what I said about only bad things happening to me, there has been some good.

I miss that, but the past is over with, only the present and future remain uncertain. Now, I'm on my own at 16 just like Evan. He's been dead for 3 years now, I was only 13 when he was killed in front of me. Since then, I've been staying with my brothers Michael and David at our Hideout that we had built with Michael's older brother Jay when we were ten. The two of them aren't my brothers by blood but honestly, they might as well be. They've been with me through the good and the bad, they were the ones who found me covered in Evan's blood and screaming and crying. They protected me from the nightmares, the flashbacks, everything. David is the oldest of us three at nineteen, Michael comes second at seventeen almost eighteen, and I come third at 16. We're inseperable, wherever I go, they go and vice versa. I'm perfectly ok with it, it's how I like things to be. I don't want to be alone, that's my greatest fear aside from dying and leaving the two of them alone. I sit on the floor of the Hideout, drawing aimlessly in my beat up drawing book that Michael got me for my 14th birthday. He sits beside me, watching my aimless drawing.

"Sam," Michael says in his gentle voice "Marlin and Jordan wanna see us today to make sure we're ok. We haven't talked to them in almost 3 months." I nod as David walks in, boxes in his arms. Michael stands from his place beside me on the floor and heads his way, taking two boxes from him. David smiles in gratitude, even though David is nineteen Michael is the stronger one of the two of them. He puts the boxes down in the back of the Hideout where our rooms are, David puts the ones that he has in the kitchen area, bringing one out and setting it down in front of me "Calico bought you some new drawing stuff." I shake my head and push the box away "He can bite me," I growl "He was MIA for 3 whole years and wanted nothing to do with any of us but now all of a sudden he wants to buy things for me. He ditched us David, when we needed him most." I look into his deep green eyes "When you needed him most." David shakes his head "He had to," he says "Andrew-" "Andrew doesn't matter David," Michael says as he walks over to us from putting the boxes away "Calico didn't ditch us because Andrew was gonna kill us, he ditched us because he found out what we are. He didn't know how to handle looking after a werewolf, werewolf-demon hybrid, and and a vampire."

"Yeah but he's making up for it," David says "He buys us clothes every year and food every week." I snort "So that excuses what he did?" I ask "He doesn't deserve his actions to be forgotten, to be forgiven. I won't forgive him for leaving his gun where you could get to it and allowing you to attempt to kill yourself. Nor will I forgive him for abandoning us." David shakes his head again "No more talking about Calico boys," a voice says behind me, I turn and see Marlin entering the Hideout with his fiancee Jordan right behind him "He's irrelevant, always has been to me at least." "You and half the Pack babe," Jordan says "Seems like everyone hates Cal these days." "I wonder why," I say sarcastically "Never mind the fact that was loyal to the Vamp King and helped kill thousands of people in the destruction of District 5 and District 6." I glance at David "Yeah I can't imagine why everyone hates him. Including me." Marlin shoots me a warning look "Sam quit it-" he starts "You hate me too don't you?" David asks "Because I hurt you and Michael." I grit my teeth, not this again