The Life of a Bush

Narrator: There once was a bush.

*bush walks out on stage*

Bush: *singing* I am a bush!

Narrator: But the bush wasn't happy. He didn't want to be a bush.

*Bush looks at audience with a sad, sorrowful, yet determined gaze*

Bush: *singing* Bushes don't dance, Bushes don't sing, Bushes don't do anything!
*short pause*
Bush: Bushes don't do anything!

Narrator: And so the Bush left his home to be something else. So that he could finally belong.

*Bush leaves and the next set is set up*
*River stage*
*Bush walks into new scene*

Narrator: The Bush saw a rock and approached it.

*Bush sees rock and walks towards it*

Bush: Hello, Mr Rock!

*Rock stays silent*

Bush: What's it like to be a rock?

*Rock blinks but remains silent*

Bush: *singing* I am not a Bush! Bushes are silent, Bushes are still! I am not a Bush!
Bush: I am not a rock! Rocks are silent, Rocks are still! I am not a Rock!

*Bush looks at Rock in fear*

Narrator: And then the Bush left as fast as he could. He didn't want to be a rock.

*Bush runs off stage*
*Forest scene is set up*
*Bush runs onto the new set. Panting, out of breath*

Narrator: After running for a while, the Bush came to a small forest and he saw a bunch of trees.

*Trees open eyes and stare at the Bush*
*Bush walks up to the trees and speaks*

Bush: Hello, Mr Tree!

*Tree speaks in a deep, rough voice*

Tree: Hello, Bush. To what do I owe the pleasure?

*Bush looks excited*

Bush: What's it like to be a Tree?

*Tree breathes deeply and then sings in a deep, strong voice*

Tree: *singing* Being a Tree is great! We are proud, we are strong!

Background 'Chorus' Trees: *singing* We are proud! We are strong!

Main Tree: *singing* We are tall and Loud!

Chorus Trees: *singing* Tall and LOUD!

Narrator: Upon hearing the trees. The Bush was ecstatic

Bush: I want to be a Tree!

*Main Tree laughs*

Tree: You can't be a tree! You are too short!

Chorus Trees: *singing* Too short! Too short!

Narrator: The Bushes spirits were crushed and not knowing what to do, he left to go back to his home.

*Bush drops low and his leaves drag on the floor as he exits the stage*
*Arrives in original Bush Home scene*
*Old Bush looks at Bush with wry amusement and disappointment*

Old Bush: Well, how was your little 'adventure'?

*Bush looks at audience with a sad, gloomy, defeated expression*
*Bush begins to sing mournfully*

Bush: *singing* Bushes are silent, Bushes are still, I am a bush…
*Takes a shuddering breath*
Bush: Bushes don't dance, Bushes don't sing, They don't do anything…
Bush: I am a Bush…

*Bush withers and dies on stage from sadness*
*Little Bush walks on stage*

Little Bush: I will not make the same mistake as that Bush!
*Gestures to dead Bush*

Narrator: And so the Little Bush decided that he would accept his role and be a Bush. And be a Bush he shall.

*All bushes -except Little Bush - drops and closes eyes. Being silent and still*
*Little Bush looks towards audience, the drops and closes eyes. Silent, Still*

*Curtain Closes: The End!*

This was a play written A LONG TIME AGO and as such I do not share the same morals as I did those years ago. That being said, when I found this after rooting through old papers, I was so happy. This play right here, this is my Magnum Opus and I. Love. It.