As the van drove through the night, Aiden learned about why his rescuers ha join the GDA. Robin and Kris's father was one of the lead scientists in charge of the de-extinction experiment, who, after trying to leave when he found out that the government planned on continuing the experiment, was shot by a firing squad. Michael was a guard at one of the labs, who was never told about what they were creating. After finding out about the GDA, and what they had claimed the government were trying to do, he managed to escape. Ewan said little on the journey.

"Where to the GDA operate from?" Aiden asked,

"Can't say. Only a few know where. I sure don't," Michael answered.

"Ewan's the only one here who does," Robin added, "He's a senior member," she almost sneered. Kris shot a murderous glance at her sister, who in return, scoffed, and looked away. Michael sighed, and stood up. With his hand pressing on the wall, he approached the glass separating them from Ewan. He headed to the corner and fumbled around for a moment. His hands pressed against a lock, which he slid open. He then slid the glass panel open, and climbed in, leaving Aiden in the back with Kris and Robin. Michael and Ewan began talking. Ewan swerved to the right, and the van begun picking up speed. Michael then crawled back into the back seat, and put his head through the open glass.

"Get your masks on, we're almost there." Before Aiden could prosses what was just said, Kris pulled out a bag from under the bench, and held it open. Everyone, except Ewan and Aiden, reached into it, and pulled a mask. Michael pulled out two, and tossed on back to Ewan. Everyone then put on their masks: Michaels was pale blue, and had several smiley faces painted on it. Kris's was dark red, and had claw marks painted on it, with a large picture of a knife going from the chin to the forehead. Robin's was half pink and half blue, with thick yellow outlines around the eyes and mouth. Aiden looked into the bag and saw one mask left inside. It was just white, with no patterns.

"You need to have a mask to get in," Robin told him, her voice echoed by the mask, which had no hole for the mouth, "You can decorate it once things get settled."

"The eyes are one-way-mirrors," Kris added, "Remember that backpack." Aiden took the mask out of the bag, and pulled it over his head. The whole thing was made out of cloth, and it just slipped on easily. There was a little elastic round the bottom keeping it secure, while not being uncomfortable. The van jolted to a sudden stop, and lights begun pouring through the windows. Several other voices could be heard coming from outside the van. Ewan leaned his head out of the window, and began barking out something that Aiden couldn't make out. The doors slammed open, and between ten and twenty people, all wearing masks, were surrounding the van. Kris and Robin stood up, and begun approaching the exit. Aiden was stunned for a few moments, not knowing what to do. After a few seconds, one of the new masked people came into the van, and pulled him out. After stepping out, Aiden snapped back into reality, and begun taking in his surroundings. They were just outside some old military complex, surrounded by barbed wire. From several watch towers, two at the entrance and one at each corner, spotlights shone down on them. a gate stood before them, about fifteen feet tall, and two metres wide. It was made out of textured steel. One of the masked people, wearing a long dark brown trench coat, and a black mask with streaks of white around the cheeks, walked over to Aiden, Michael, Kris and Robin, and gestured them away from the van. As the gates begun to open, Ewasn head went back into the van, and the masked people begun stepping away. The van slowly drove through the gates, and the trenchcoated man lead the rest of the group through before they closed. There were three where houses within the fenced of area, with asphalt paths leading from the gate to each one. The trenchcoated man dug around in his pocket, and pulled out a massive ring of keys. As they approached the gate, he flicked through each one, at a very quick pace. Aiden looked back at the van, and saw several other masked people crouched around the van, seemingly disassembling it. The man finally found the right key, and opened a small door at the side of the middle where house. Inside, was a dimly lit room, with between twenty and thirty other people inside, this time not wearing masks. In the middle of the room was a massive, round table. There were several seats placed around it, with piles, and piles of other stacks lined up against the walls. As they all got inside, the group took of their masks, Aiden following suit. The trenchcoated man had close-cut black hair, and a long thin face. He looked to be somewhere in his late forties. They approached the table, and begun discussing what had happened,

"So you got him?" He asked,

"Yup!" Michael smiled, "Him and the documents,"

"Any casualties?" The trenchcoated man asked, grimly,

"Chandler never made it out," Kris replied, solemnly. The trenchcoated man remained silent,

"But he might still be alive!" Michael sad hopefully, interrupting the silence, just because he never made it out,"

"There's almost no way he's not dead" Kris stated, "They only shouted orders to stop us. After Aiden climbed out, they started shooting us, meaning he couldn't shoot them any more. It was him against their entire security, we knew that setting of an alarm with anyone still in there wouldn't end well. He knew it, too"

"He died for what he believed in," The trenchcoated man acknowledged. Aiden could tell from the look in his eyes that he was having trouble accepting Chandler's death.

"He saved my life." He decided to say, "twice." The trenchcoated man looked towards him, and Aiden almost swore he saw a tear in his eye,

"You must be Aiden Archer then," he asked. Aiden nodded, "My name is Joseph Kahn. I'm the general of this GDA facility," he held out his hand for Aiden to shake. Aiden was thrown off-guard by this gesture, but shook Joseph's hand. The group of five all took a seat around the table, with Ewan joining them shortly after.

"So," he began, after taking his seat next to Joseph, "let's get down to business then,"

"Yes, let's," Joseph responded. He turned to Aiden, "You still have the documents?" He asked,

"Yeah, hold on," Aiden said, as he swung the backpack of his shoulder and onto the table. He unzipped it, and pulled out the sheets of paper. He laid them on the table. Joseph put has hand over them, and pulled them between himself and Ewan. Joseph took one of the booklets from the top of the stack, and quickly, flicked through the files. Aiden saw the same gleam in both their eyes as he had seen in Ewan's back in the van.

"This is better than we ever could've imagined," exclaimed Ewan, "There's not nearly as much scientific stuff in here as we thought,"

"We release this to the public, and support for the GDA'll skyrocket!" Joseph replied, enthusiasm filling his tone. He pulled out a radio from his pocket, and begun speaking into it, "I need Finn and Dylan in B, at the table,"

"So, whadya think?," Michael asked eagerly, "How are they?"

"Take a look for yourself Michael, my boy!" Ewan almost yelled in excitement, sliding the papers across the table towards Michael, who was sitting between Aiden and Robin. Aiden looked at the papers that Michael was reading, and was stunned. Images of dinosaurs, some he recognised, some he didn't were printed before him. Massive prices were listed above and around the images, non less than twenty and a half billion. Statistics, such as capability within combat, ability to learn, and maximum estimated kill capacity were next to the images. Other creatures could be seen as well. Woolly Mammoths, Sabretooth Tigers, giant bugs, and some that looked made up. The thing Kris had said in the van made sense now,

"They have monstrosities, never meant to walk this planet, cooped up, ready to attack." They had created all new animals, ready to fight. As Michael flicked through to book, one caught his eye,

"Hey, what's that one?" He asked, putting his finger on the page, and turning it over. The image was of what looked like a human corpse.

"Looks like a... zombie?" Robin pondered, as she leaned over to look,

"Human experiment one, success two. Street name, 'ZOMBIE'," Michael begun reading out, "These creatures are humans, who have had chemical E1S2 injected into their blood on a regular basis once alive. After the human body deceases, the brain can be jumpstarted, through high decibel frequencies. The creatures, once restarted, will feel an urge to move towards noises of a frequency of forty five thousand to fifty thousand. When hearing between thirty and forty five thousand, the creatures will establish their own territory… some genetic explanation of why they do that… blah blah blah… military intentions: after being attracted to factories via frequency A, creatures will be fitted with military equipment. After frequency B is used to establish territory, creatures, will be able to use the battlefield as their own territory…I blah blah blah… IMPORTANT NOTICE: After exposure to frequency B, creatures will not respond to frequency A. Any results of them doing this, have resulted in them merely expanding their territory. If frequency A & B are both absent, the creatures will simply randomly walk at slow paces. Creatures will fight for territory, but ones without any will form 'packs'. Packs will hunt any life seen, and have hunted for as long as six months. After finding no sign of the target, which had been removed, the pack disbanded, and many collapsed soon after…"

"They created a zombie virus?" Robin exclaimed,

"Does it mention any locations, where the virus is or anything?" Jospeh asked,

"Don't think so..." Michael said, as he skimmed through the notes, "There's stuff about old test sites, but it keeps saying that there isn't any of the virus kept near the things, since they produce it or something,"

"What about these other documents?" Robin asked, pointing at the pile that hadn't been looked at yet, "Maybe there's something in there." The group split up the papers between them, and begun searching for any other mentions of zombies. A few other people, including the two Joseph had previously asked for came and sat down, and also begun searching. Finn and Dylan were this site's lead scientists, and were able to further analyse the contents of the files. Most of them were just more detailed analysis of individual creatures, or other groups. No other mentions of the zombies were found.

"Maybe they stopped making them?" Someone suggested, "The original didn't imply a lotta success with these things,"

"The numbers don't add up," Dylan responded, "These things are talking about thousand of these things. These are pretty recent as well, not to mention the amount spent on these things. The one containing them was printed at the start of this year. They wouldn't just get rid of thousands of these things, that they'd already spent billions on in less than a year."

"A few of these documents that've been printed after that one were nothing but creatures that they'd stopped making," Finn added, "If the zombies had been discontinued, at least one of these things woulda mentioned them again,"

"Jacen Archer was selling this info, right," Kris asked, "You know what that means, right?"

"Yes, I do." Jospeh replied, in a worried tone, "It means that if the evidence Dylan and Finn have adds up, then the documents have already been sold,"

"But why would he sell the physical document?" Robin asked,

"Because once it's out there, it's worthless, there's no point in having something that'll land you in prison," Ewan explained,

"You don't understand," Joseph told everyone, "If this has been sold then it's out there. Someone else has this information."