What do you desire? Tell me; whisper your words. Breathe

Into my ear passions you ached to speak. Let me taste the

Shape of them upon my lips; kiss them from the ivory hollow

Of your throat. You know you wish to, I see it in your eyes.

Alluding all that you demur to say. The wine dark blush

of your cheeks betray. One little yes and nights pleasures


Take my hand darling;

Dance in the dark.

Indulge yourself in me and all that I am, divine temptation,

Carnal addiction. Let me intoxicate you, steal liquor from my lips as I move

Below your skin. Embrace me, darling, as I touch, feathered carasses

Down the pale curve of your hips. How lovely your pink-cheeked blush!

As I taste of the rosebuds at your breast. Writhe for me, won't you, love?


Undone; haloed in LA light.

Allow me the satisfaction of your sighs as I kneel

At your feet. Here, love, curls delicate hands in my hair

As I consume you. Drinking deep from the honeyed

Mead between your thighs.

Clutch me close;

As I inhale these breathless cries.

Grace me with your surrender, little dove. How sweet you sing me

broken hallelujahs. My name, gasped, from wine kissed lips to

Heavenly ears.

Let me worship;

At the altar of your body.