Best neighborhoods are the ones where everyone knew each other its said. Mine was in a valley, its houses tightly bunched and numerous, streets broad enough for two lane traffic.

Activities were not left out. Ranging from a small field village boys play football or cricket, short distance from that the netball court to satiate the fair sex. A bar too where grownups lime, play cards and drown sorrows away.

In all this was a figure admired. His name Dan. Looked larger than life, strong of large muscular build and brown eyes, with lips thick. This 31 year old could if his size didn't communicate the picture, could man handle most any.

His trade was construction worker in the city. He would come by our homeā€¦No. "Come" is too light. Grace our mother and me from his next door home.

I remember one time he dropped over. 'Good evening Hilda!' addressing mother at the front door and entered. Despite the size all I could feel was subconsciously his warmth. His words to me reflected as much encouraging me to strive for my all. where I the act of doing something it piqued his interest and spoke to me in genuine curiosity never dismissing out of hand.

About the TV I answered, 'Showing Commodore Faulk as he tries to stop the evil Mist Master.'

'Sounds interesting.'

Even outside his presence mother would sing his praises at times. My young self can affirm this. He would bring over biscuits and sweet drink. More he was good to the people of our neighborhood and bring his immense strength for its projects.

The bar he can also be found at. I was sent a day to get a peppermint treat for myself at a shop nearby. My young self discerned two men arguing. Toman was a village outcast stemming from his attitude. Brent the owner told him he will not get his money returned.

Dan approached and politely asked the problem. The owner explains the other man bought two drinks, paying for a third from a previous visit, but wants back his money for the drink he owed for.

Toman agrees kinda. Saying he changed his mind paying for the third beer. Dan couldn't believe his ears. Dan attempts to defuse indicating Toman mustn't be wrong and strong in local parlance. Go home and cool his head.

True to form Toman, 'Stay out of this before ah mash yuh up.' The bigger man body slams him offended leaving Toman sprawling on the ground, aching.