Before I leave this world, I want to experience life's pleasures
To feel the warm sand under my naked feet and smell the fresh ocean air
I see double, both the light and the dark, and the beings they consume
Some individuals rush towards the water; others run indoors
Their behavior confuses me, though it can't be held against them
Warm seems the candle to one who has never felt the sun.

Before I leave this world, I want to see every color of nature
To smell the sweet scent of wild flowers and to drink the cool mountain water
I see the leaves change colors dramatically, from vibrant green to shimmering gold
Some leaves fall to the ground; others manage to hang on for longer
Their destiny is at the mercy of the wind; whether it be a gentle breeze or a ferocious storm
I pity those without the gift of seeing in color.

Before I leave this world, I want to worship God's temple to me
To take in the feeling of being one as I make sweet love
I see past the physical flaws and marvel at the beauty and purity of the soul
Some individuals view the act as sacred; others take it for granted
My integrity is a blooming flower and will never be corrupted
Others are merely left with an empty stem.

The time has come, I'm ready to leave this world
I've lived my life to the fullest and I have no regrets
I say farewell to my loved ones on Earth, and soon will reunite with the ones I've lost
I don't know what lies on the other side, yet I've found my peace
A light surrounds me as I walk forward
Whatever lies on the other side, a new journey will begin.