"Are you sure this is going to work?" Jeff asks as he puts the wireless bud in his left ear.

I smile as I give him a reassuring shoulder squeeze. "Trust me, man. Situations like these are the whole reason why I created the WINGMAN system. You've got this in the bag. You can't lose!"

He manages a weak smile, then slowly walks up the steps to his girlfriend's cottage. It's a beautiful evening on the island of Bermuda.

My newly hired assistant Michelle and I marvel at the fabulous sunset being reflected in the ocean all around us. I sensed chemistry between us right away when I hired her. Our unspoken feelings for each other have been building for a few weeks now. It started with some innocent touching. A hand on the shoulder. A playful tap when we passed each other in the hall. A hug at the end of a long night of beta testing. Now something else seems to be building between us.

She gently takes my hand in hers. "Do you really think WINGMAN can help him? I mean… he said some pretty stupid things to her last night at the bar."

I smile at her. "You've seen WINGMAN in action before. It's onboard Ai is one of the most advanced ever created."

"So you keep telling me," she laughs. "But what if he doesn't repeat the prompts exactly as the ear piece dictates? Jeff isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer."

I shrug and continue to smile. "It's all good. If he screws it all up, the system will continually try to prompt him to say the right thing. Even if he manages to mangle all his communication, he'll be prompted to leave and try it again another day."

Now it's Michelle's turn to shrug. "Okay, if you say so. I'm still not convinced that even the most advanced Ai can unravel the feelings of a scorned woman though. We're all different, you know? What works for one of us will completely piss off someone else."

I give her a reassuring nod. "Completely understand. That's why we used such a large sample size to train the Ai on."

A cool evening breeze kisses our skin as the evening sun slowly disappears beneath the undulating sea.

"He'll probably be in there for a while. Shall we walk?" I ask and motion down the beach a ways.

She pauses for a moment, then smiles and pulls my hand to walk with her. Silence joins us as we feel the sensation of the fine-grit sand between our toes. Michelle hasn't let go of my hand yet.

She leans her head back as another tropical breeze blows past us – her hair dances in the pale remnants of daylight.

"I never thought I'd be walking on a romantic beach with a billionaire genius," she says softly.

I smile again and pull her a little closer. I run my hand gently down the side of her cheek.

"I'm not a billionaire yet," I say slowly, "but one day I hope I will be – and that's when I can really start to make a difference in the world."

Michelle stares up at me with a look of adoration. I hold her gaze for what seems like an eternity. Another smile slowly spreads across my face.

Slowly, deliberately, she reaches for my neck and gently pulls me forward. Her soft, supple lips briefly brush my own.

Sensing her desire, I press my lips to hers and give her a brief kiss. A moment passes. I feel her smile before she pulls me in and presses her mouth to mine. I let her take the lead. She opens me wide and fills my mind with desire and anticipation.

Our lips disengage with an audible pop. She takes a deep breath as she takes a half step back with a huge grin.

"A girl could get used to that," she whispers.

I smile again and squeeze her hand a little. "I kind of hope you do," I whisper back.

A huge smile explodes onto her face and for a moment it looks as though she wants to start dancing.

She pulls me in for a third kiss. It's brief. It's the kind of kiss that says 'we're together now and you're all mine. You belong to me and I belong to you'.

I watch as she starts walking back up the beach. She tosses a couple flirty looks over her shoulder.

"I expect you to come and find me later tonight!" she calls out with a big smile.

I nod after her. "Definitely!"

I continue to watch as she disappears into the lights of the villa down the way. I smile again and tap my smart watch.

A warm, soothing voice coos, "WINGMAN SYSTEM DEACTIVATING."

I remove the bud from my ear and bounce it in the palm of my hand a couple times while nodding to myself.

"Billionaire…" I murmur in the night air. "I'm going to be a billionaire."