This is a poem dedicated to my grandmother.

Oh how I miss the fun we used to have

The beaches and Broadway shows you took me to

I remember seeing The Lion King on Broadway for my 5th grade field trip

And thus began my love for Broadway shows

42nd Street was the first Broadway show we saw together

And Spamalot was the final Broadway show we saw together

You took me on several bus trips with your library

And the movies lots of times

We went to great restaurants and

I shared a lot with you

Then dementia slowly consumed your being

Until nothing was left and thus you passed away

You held Mom's hand in the nursing home whilst you slept

And never woke up but were still alive

Yet not in acoma quite yet

I saw you one last time and cried

In Loving Memory of Mimi October 12, 1928-January 8-9, 2014