Ode of a Lowly House Elf

By R. M. S. Thornton

Beaten and abused

Downtrodden and abhorred

This is what I must endure

When I disappoint my Lord

A curse imposed upon me

Requires loyalty to my master

I must accept this mistreatment

Or I'll suffer self-inflicted disaster

Though their cruelty knows no bounds

As I'm their everlasting whipping-boy

Yet I will forever be devoted

To the family of Malfoy

Yet hate them as I do

I cannot speak ill

My feelings must be bottled up

Or punish myself I will

I have never known happiness

Or the warmth of family or a friend

But this painful existence

Is all I can comprehend

And one day I overhear it

The most wicked of schemes

I must warn the child

Else he will suffer worse than me

Forgive the intrusion sir

But an evil plot I must thwart

I'm sorry to say that

Harry Potter mustn't go back to Hogwarts

Oh a bad elf am I

I've sabotaged you but please forgive

For I can't let anything happen

To the boy who dared to live

And in the end

That child lived up to his name

As he gave this humble servant

The freedom he so craved

Then the opportunity arose

To repay him for his deeds

The chance to be a hero

The chance to set him free

And there I see them standing

Those who gave me only scorn and neglect

They stare at me in shock

Astounded by my disrespect

But as much as I crave it

I won't be sidetracked by vengeance

I have a job to do

To save my friends from a coming menace

As I leave a feel it

A sharp pain surges throughout my body

I start to spin

And everything becomes foggy

For in life I suffered

I led a miserable existence

But I leave this harsh world knowing

That I died giving noble assistance

© Copyright 2018 by R. M. S. Thornton