"It looks bad."

Two figures sat in the living room: an old Hindu man, and a half Hindu girl. The girl's army jacket was off and her shirt pulled up, allowing him to look over the wounds on her shoulder blades. In the corner, a barn owl was in quiet conversation with a monarch butterfly.

"Can you heal it?" Vanessa Bell asked. The old man sighed, turning off his flashlight.

"I am unsure. As you are probably well aware, your suit is indestructible. It prevents you from outside harm. But this is caused by the Butterfly Brooch."

"Papillon was worried because it was apparently worse." She said, pulling her shirt down. "I'm assuming other Butterflies had less blood?"

"Yes. Their Brooch wasn't broken, like yours was." Vanessa reached up and stroked the haircut she wore. It was in the shape of a butterfly, made of what looked like opal. Recently, there had been a jagged edge.

The butterfly joined the conversation. "I was able to shield past Butterflies' blades with my magic. Since it was broken, my power was reduced."

Master Akeem nodded. "The other Butterflies had magic coating their wings so there was less tearing." He stroked his goatee. "I am unable to heal this. I apologize."

Vanessa nodded. "Thank you for trying."

"You're welcome. I would suggest taking painkillers, wrapping them up, and avoid too much pressure on your back."

She nodded. Picking up her jacket, Papillon on her shoulder, Vanessa left.

"That was a bust."

"At least we know a few ways to treat them."

Vanessa nodded. Looking around Clip City, she smiled. It had been months since she had first received the Butterfly Brooch and the spirit attached. Months since she had first met her partner.

Months since she had first met Megabat.

Her smile faded as she pulled out her phone and sent out a text. "Who did you text?" The butterfly in her scarf asked.

"Cadwell. He wanted me to text him when I was done with 'my doctor's appointment '." She said.

Toby Cadwell. Rich boy, ice king of the school...her friend? When he had first arrived at her school, they had immediately disliked each other. After a while, they had started to get along. She was the only person he didn't call by their last name, and one of the few people he was alright with touching him- (a privilege she used rarely.)

"He's trying to find me a birthday present."

"That's sweet. I mean, besides the fact that your birthday is July 4th but you celebrate it on August 10th."

"I have to. It's the only time when my family can all get together to celebrate-"

Something tugged against her ankle. Vanessa stopped and looked down. A strand of something that looked like thick spider web had wrapped around her ankle. She gave a sigh. "Why me?"

Then she was yanked off her feet.

Letting out a scream, Vanessa furiously tugged on the spider web as she was tugged down the street. She gave up just as she was pulled up a building.

The web belonged to a spider.

Specifically, a spider in a purple suit with a human top half with multiple arms. His pure black eyes gleaned as he smirked. "I've caught a pretty fly in my web." She pulled away as he tried to stroke her face.


Tainted by Megabat's evil power, the Butterfly Brooch's butterflies turned people feeling powerful negative emotions into supervillians. Before three weeks ago, Megabat used them to try and take Butterfly and Black Cat's Brooches. She wasn't even sure if the butterflies he managed to corrupt before she took the piece back.

"I have some jewelry to collect. But I'll be back to savor you."

That answered that question.

He scurried away, leaving her suspended about four stories.

"How is he planning on savoring me if I fall to my death?"

Papillon gave a butterfly version of a shrug. Vanessa sighed, hands starting to tear through the web to form a rope. She started to slide down headfirst.

"Which superhero are you pretending to be?"

She glanced down. A staff was embedded in the wall, her partner perched on it.

Back Cat was blonde, leather cat ears attached. His mask made his blue eyes catlike, matching the claws on his black bodysuit. A tail formed his tail. A small smile was in his face. "Catching up on comics." He explained at her confused look. "Spiderman, right?"

She maneuvered herself to be feet first, accepting his hand. They stood together on his staff. "I hope that doesn't make you Mary Jane."

"Was that a flirt?"

Vanessa shrugged. Cat returned it. His expression grew nervous. "Princess, I have to tell you something-" They glanced in the direction of a scream. "Or I could drop you off."

"Good idea!"

Picking her up, he grabbed his staff.

Just like always.