Chapter 1

After what seemed like an eternity, Mace slowly opened her eyes. Then ever so carefully, she tried moving her arms and legs. Finding that she could still actually feel and move her limbs, she sat up and gingerly looked around her surroundings.

She was quite surprised to see a vast green meadow in front of her. Up ahead, a blue lake sparkled under the bright sun while yellow orange trees and colorful flowers adorned the already beautiful scenery, adding even more vibrance.

She, herself, was on a patio of a charming wooden house that reminded her of the quaint little homes she saw while watching a movie that featured the city of Tuscany, Italy. Everything before her seemed like a scene that came out from a fairytale book.

Slowly standing up with knees wobbling a little, she ran a hand through her shoulder length hair and did a 360-degree turn around.

"Where am I?" she wondered out loud.

"You're in between the human world and the divine," a soft voice answered.

Mace jumped, startled at the sudden sound. Turning towards its direction, she saw a man with long brown hair, wearing a flowing white robe. He walked towards her slowly and she could see that he had piercing but kind blue eyes.

"Who are you?" she asked, quite calm for someone who just woke up to find herself in an unknown place with an unknown man.

"My name is Isra," he answered in the same soft tone. "I am tasked to guide you to where you are going."

At his words, she felt a sudden whoosh of the wind and the memory of what happened before she woke up came rushing back.

There was an accident and she had died.