Collapsed remains of mighty stones stand amidst the horrors before the end.

Continuous inaudible screams of insanity emit from an endless, shallow river, flowing across both ends of the world, beyond sight, beyond reason.

The velvet skies, filled with threats of approaching storms, trapped in a constant cycle of disownment, its thunder clashing against the roars of scarring streams.

The countless dead search lanterns' light for fulfillment within their dry, silent hearts, their mindsets shattered from the howls of their brothers' lasting breaths.

Gravel shores, crushed towers, - eternally paralyzed remains plant the field of acid, fueling the flames of the fortunate.

Cloaked skeletons of once noble men guide paths away from their father's arrogant goals, believing they've succeeded evading the demise they remain within.

The acid of the waters burn away the sanity of those with none. Its air chokes those who breath It. Its sight blinds those who witness Its numbing view. Its image, wounds those who feel Its unwilling collection of pain.

Planted hillsides of blackened ash tower over the horizon's sight. The storms above, cutting the realm into mindful darkness and disposition.

The surface remains littered with sulfuric mold, cloaking the floating bones of Its worthless fodder.

Hellfire rains down through the air. The blinding sparks dissipate into Its nerves. The golden glow dimly lights the fragile night.

Black, burning islands float amidst drifting souls, lost in themselves for millennia, while rising mist blankets the river, trapping the ignorant onto a path of despair.

The skulls of endless souls remind the keepers of sanity that they remain cursed with their forceful, endless demise.