Once there was a witch named Endela.

She was a really ugly witch, with a snout like a dog's, and horns above her ears. The people reviled her and exiled her from her home. Her own family was disgusted with her appearance and showed her no pity.

She was all alone.

Endela wandered the world, searching for a place to stay, praying for a friend who would accept her.

There was nowhere, no one, nothing at all.

And so she kept walking.

Seasons passed and the loneliness became to much to bear. She collapsed beside a river on a frozen winter day and cried.

"Why have I been abandoned? Why must I look this way? Please, just give me something, any reason to keep on living in this world that hates me so!"

As if in response to her cry, a flower bloomed beside her. It was a magnificent flower, one she had never seen before. Endela could hardly believe her eyes and wept with joy.

She carefully scooped up the flower and carried it with her. She soon found a mountain far away from everyone and everything, where the weather was warm and fair, and she replanted the blossom at the mountain's peak.

The flower quickly rooted itself deep into the soil, and its pollen spread down the mountainside. Wherever the pollen landed, more flowers sprouted. Everywhere she looked, there were flowers.

It was beautiful, and Endela found a new reason to keep living. These flowers were there for her, and she would care for them for the rest of her days.


first recorded in Raphael and Alexis: Small Tales for Small Children, 1676

14th translated edition copyright 1992, Keeperhouse Publishing

All rights reserved.