My dearest friend.

My precious, precious soulmate.

You know...

When you smile, I smile.

When you wanna rant, I'll listen.

Because, for some reason, it makes you feel better.

When you road-rage, it's ridiculously risible.

Because you're otherwise so soft-spoken and gentle.

But even your "insults" are flipping cute.

When you cry...

it's scary as heck seeing you cry...

and makes me wanna cry too...


I'd rather you cry when you need to than not to.

And when you do cry,

I'll be ready with a tissue and a shoulder.

And lots of ice cream.

Just like you did for me.

Maybe because you proved that you cared,

there is a want to spend time with you,

talk with you,

despite my asociality.

When you poke at your stomach and mutter about how fat and ugly you think you are,

or when you foolishly feel like a failure,

I will either laugh at your sheer stupidity,

or glare and scream, "Stop being a jerk to my precious friend!"

I want to protect you.

Even from yourself.

However, more than that, I want you to see you for how ineffable you are.


as long as you truly love yourself, in turn, no one can truly hurt you.

I want to be by your side no matter what.


You know...

Whatever happens,

Wherever life leads us,

I hope,



that we'll always be friends.

You are essentially family.

And will always be.

...just some changes happened and stuff... and was just feeling weird... somehow, this just became.


A lovely present and future to you.

May the dreamland tree be kind to you for all of your nights.