In a peaceful town, full of life and laughter, is where many travelers stop on their way to the capital city Alred to share their goods with the community.

The town's name was Dalta, one of the wealthiest towns in the land of Eldora. A cloaked stranger walked though the streets carrying a sword and shield on it's back.

The crowd watched the mysterious, cloaked stranger until it went though the gate of Dalta's Knight Academy.

The hooded figure soon stopped at a desk where a knight was taking notes. The knight looked up from his work only to be startled to see someone was right in front of him.

"Good heavens, you nearly scared me half to death. Is there something I can help you with?" he asked, the stranger took off her cloak.

To his surprise, it was a young girl with red hair and sliver amour. "I have come to register as a knight in training for the Alred Royal Knights," she replied.

The knight was silent for a moment and then burst into laughter.

"You? Becoming a knight? Get real! There's never be a lady knight in years!"

The girl slammed her fist onto the table. "You think I don't know that? I been training hard to follow in her footsteps!" she said angrily.

The knight only laughed harder, he could no longer keep a serious face anymore. "Look kid, truth is we don't train girls like you anymore. I suggest you get lost before I'll have to kick you out myself".

The girl was upset, she looked at the knight in rage.

"You don't understand! I have nothing! My family was killed by bandits. Becoming a knight is the only way I can avenge their deaths," she spat, silencing the cruel laughter of the knight.

The knight looked at her for a long time and then spoke. "We all have our problems, but I'm afraid we can't hire you," he said.

Without saying another word, Elsa turned away to marched off in anger.

Elsa walked into the forest, still furious about the knight. She finally stopped and looked around, she then realized that she had lost her self in the forest.

She heard a cry for help and decided to investigate. As it got louder and louder, the cries didn't even sound human.

Finally she came to be clearing and saw with her own eyes of four tiny dragons surrounded by hunters.

Behind them was the dead body of a larger dragon collapsed on the ground. She quickly realiazed that it must be their mother.

She knew she had to do something and fast before the lives of these dragons were ended. She took the bow from her back and an arrow from its holder.

She aimed the arrow and released it from her bow, shooting a man holding a knife that was about to hurt one of the dragons.

He cried out in pain and dropped the knife. The men we're about to turn around and fight, but instead dropped their weapons when they saw Elsa with her bow.

"Leave your weapons and never come back or else," she said, motioning for bow to each one of them threatening.

The men were so terrified that they ran away, leaving there weapons behind. Before she was able to check the dragons, she was struck by a knife in the back of her shoulder.

The pain felt terrible, she fell to the ground, but was able to get up. That was when she heard a voice speaking above her.

"Look what we have here, the last heir of the Hillsworth family. Aligrard said he enjoyed every moment of killing your parents ," she turned her head and looked in disgust as she laid her eyes on one of the men who she knew was one of the bandits that had killed her parents.

"I should of known it was you, bandit scum," she splat and the man laughed at her face.

"These dragons are rare to come by. Dead or alive, their still popular on the black market," he smirked a toothy evil grin.

He started walking around the clearing keeping his eyes on Elsa. His knife still firmly in the grasp of his hand.

"There mother would of lived if she didn't put up a good fight, I lost at least six men. But she was no match for us in the end".

This angered Elsa, she had heard many stories of how dragons were considered guardians that protected the land from evil.

"The name's Alto Ridster, but I guess that doesn't matter since you'll be dead when I'm done with you," he said and crouched close in front of Elsa.

"But I would so mercy to you if you join us. What so you say?" he asked.

I quickly narrowed my eyes in disgust. "I rather kick your ass then then join you!" Elsa said and spat right in the face of Alto.

Alto got up from where he crouched in front of her, he wiped the spit off his face with his sleeve.

"Maybe I should make you end your suffering faster, your parents should be waiting for you," he hissed and raised his dagger to strike her.

He gripped his cold hands on her shoulder so she couldn't get away. Elsa embraced for the attack, but it never happend. Alto's hand had lost his grip on Elsa's shoulders and he was yelling in pain.

Elsa saw in amazement that the dragons were attacked Alto's leg together. Alto continued to howl in pain and cursed under his breath as he tried to shake off the dragons.

Finally Alto got the dragons off of him, his pant leg was ripped and leg had multiple gashes. All were bleeding out bleed.

He saw his knife on the ground and was able to pick up when he saw Elsa with her bow ready to fire. "Leave or I will kill you," she said threateningly.

He looked at Elsa with burning anger in his eyes."You'll regret showing me mercy, Aligrard will find you and you will die. Mark my words-" he yelled as loud as he could before thunder silenced him and limped away.

The dragons returned to her and looked at her happily. One of the dragons was red, one was dark orange, one was a beautiful black dragon, and the last one was white. All of them cuddled around her and chirping like a baby bird that had lost it's mother.

There cries comforted Elsa, yet they also made her tear up knowing that there cries were for her who had avenged their dead mother. Elsa petted each of them on the head and looked happily at her.

She knew that she could never leave them, the fear of the hunters returning made her want to protect them. "All protect you no matter what, your family to me now".