The forest was silent.

Quietly, an elf walked through the woods. Kneeling, he looked around as he cupped water from the stream in his hands. He drank, standing when he was done. The armor clad caught sight of footprints.

He examined them before following. They led him to a cave, the sounds of cracking audible. The stone embedded in the throat of his armor lit up in grey, the pattern of lines and dots visible.

The cracking was made by an elf. He was naked, appearing to have aged several years. He gripped a stone. He was bringing it down on the broken remains of a green stone.


The elf looked up. "T-Tristan. Have you come to finish me off?"


He gave a shaky laugh, turning his gaze to the broken remains. "Look. I destroyed the Stone."

Tristan shook his head. "No. The girl did." He stepped closer to examine the remains. It had broke into two large pieces and several larger pieces. "The only other person I've seen destroy a Stone was the King."

"The King..." The former general let out a shriek. "We will be hanged when he finds out we've failed!"

"He's not going to find out, because we're not going back." Tristan pulled out a communication stone. It lit up in ombre orange, an image forming over it. The Elf King stared down at his son.

"Do you have the girl?"

"No. We need more time to complete the mission."

"This was your last chance. You understood this." His voice never wavered from clinical. "Return home."

"No. I will bring you her head."

"Return to base immediately." The prince dropped it. "I'm warning you Tristan." Was the last thing before the stone was crushed under his foot.

"What have you done?!" Virem shrieked.

"I'm tired of hearing his voice." Tristan pulled a blanket out of his satchel. "You need food and water. There's a village nearby." He helped the other up, wrapping the blanket around Virem's shoulders.

"Why are you helping me?"

The prince paused. "You're kind to Piper. Just thought I would repay the favor." The general nood

The king walked through the halls of his palace. The dim twilight light lit his way as servants lit the braziers. He opened the door.

A female elf was attacking a training dummy, wearing a sleeveless shirt and tight pants. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. The King watched his daughter, using a mixture of her purple Stone and martial arts, destroy the dummy.

Finally, she let out a powerful blast. The dummy was destroyed in a powerful blast. She turned to kneel. "Father."

"Your sister is useless, the general is gone, and Tristan is a traitorous failure." He cupped her chin, making her look up. "It is to you I look, Anlyth. Bring me the Turner girl, alive or dead, and kill your brother."

She smirked.

"Yes Father."