The Bracelet of Bramzition Is a cursed relic. Infused with the soul of an old god. The god speaks to the wearer of the bracelet. It would first pass to a Shadowleaf named Shadowleaf the Frightened. Only fourteen the bracelet spoke to her when her unit defeated the old gods hag followers. Hence her name she stayed out of the fighting afraid.

She saw visions of her defeating demons and dragons. Crushing her older bullying brothers and sisters. Her Eseynmancy increased within weeks. She rose into fame the bracelet giving her unimaginable Eseynmancy powers. However her noble intentions turned wicked and soulless. She developed into dark Eseynmacy raising a undead army. She brought many of her kin to their knees. The bracelet promised once she untied her brothers and sisters. She would be the empress of the Bramzition Empire. The Frightened never got to see her dream. She fell in combat the bracelet would pash to a Malice Leaf Bandit. Named Malice The Rouge she took the bracelet after it again spoke to her.

A skilled archer the bracelet granted his increased accuracy she could hit targets five hundred yards away. Her brutality and punishments got more creative shattering even the bravest Malice Leaf bandits and champions alike. The bracelet took a liking to the Malice Leaf's. Unlike others over the Shadowleaf wearer. Malice Leaf's seemed to have a lust for power be it good or bad intention. It would only be confirmed when another Malice Leaf took ownership as the rouge was killed in her sleep. This time it would find a Malice Leaf name Malice Leaf the Peasant. It promised him a life as a king. He would crush the nobles that hated and resented him. The bracelet granted him inspiring words and will over peasants and soldiers.

Castle after castle fell to him. His aura making soldiers, knights, and mercenaries cower or betray each other. Indeed the peasant had the martial prowess of a knight. He even killed the Malice Leaf Monarch and overthrew the Malice Monarchy. He proclaimed his expanse the Free State Of Bramzition. He would live to be seventy before passing away in his sleep. Though he abandoned the bracelet long before then or it abandoned him. The Bracelet would find a more permanent home in the frozen lands of Malicerntica (Malice-Rn-Tica). The Malicernticas would prove to be harsh land and the wearers even harsher. The first wearer was a eleven year old Malice Leaf name Malice Maiu. The bracelet called her the just and showed her a united tribe. Malice was a given the first power of the snow and water founding the element known as Hydromancy. She used her new skill to create her own army.

The bracelet teaching her to train her pupils. Despite being young her new Hydromancy crushed almost all. The hydromancers would continue to fighting for thirty years. Maiu would be killed by her own pupils who realized the bracelet was the true power. Seeing the darkness in it they took it to a holy shrine. The relic was ambushed by vengeful tribesman who heard of this new relic. Again the bracelet taught the simple Malice Leaf Hydromancy and again would seduce the wearer. By now the frozen land has seen twenty hydromancers each more Bramzitious than the last.

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