By: Aviantei

[Twelve Shots of Summer: Gotta Write 'Em All 1-10 A]


As sunset twisted into fuchsia
Magic exploding in copper bold
I have seen more colors than I have words for
But my favorite is still your

Some souls shine bright as silver
Others burst in pinks and gold
My own heart lush as verdant greens
But your color, always

The deepness of an ocean floor
Berries fresh and frozen cold
In times of life seeping indigo
Your Core, always embodying

You stained the world with your presence
Marks never fading, even when old
An afterimage upon heaven
Will you leave me feeling

We're tied together, no matter where you wander
As you cast your lot beside red of old
I know we'll reunite where it's yellow
And I'll see every shade of

[Author's Note]

A This Broken Eternity poem to fulfill the year one [Twelve Shots of Summer] prompt of "Shades." But instead of sunglasses, I did shades of color.

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