A broken-down mansion stood on the outskirts of a forgotten town. A long time ago people used to live there but then only the rats dwelled behind its tumbledown walls. There were hordes of them so they civilized and united themselves into the whole kingdoms and one of them was ruled by a king. It was an old but a very wise rat. He was honoured and respected by everyone since he could answer any question and he had always known what to do in times of hardship.

One day, very late at night when the stars were glowing but nobody could see that, one of the youngest rats asked to be admitted to the royal presence.

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

"Greetings, young rat!" proclaimed the old king.

The rat bowed before its ruler.

"Your Majesty! Please help me! Nobody can answer my question."

"That is why I am here." said the king encouraging the little rat.

"How do we live? Why is everything repeating itself?"

The rat king was startled. He had never expected such an inquiry. He pondered a little bit and the answer came out of him as naturally as it had always been:

"Young rat… you could not be more right. Everything is repeating itself but the real question is "In what manner?". Imagine our kingdom as a wide circle and each rat in it is also a circle. The circles tend to get wider—or narrower. Everything depends on the action. If a rat does something useful or healthy for itself then its circle will get much wider and it will start overshadowing the small ones. Yes, the actions of that rat will repeat themselves—but again the question is "In what manner?". There are rats which are supported by our kingdom though they are doing nothing; they are parasites—a blight! Their circles slowly but surely getting narrower and narrower and one day their death will come, and those circles will disappear for good by the pressure of the others who are bigger and more powerful. For example, the circle of our kingdom is constantly getting narrower or wider. We are not alone in this old mansion. There are others and they are not willing to share their resources or territory or anything for that matter. That is why we are slaughtering each other all the time! It is also a repetition. But we cannot change it. There is no way. Those kingdoms are also circles and, for obvious reasons, they do not wish to be sent into oblivion. It was happening long before us where there were ancient civilisations and they were conquering those who were smaller, weaker; their circles were growing but others were disappearing. That being said, everything depends on you, young rat. Maybe the size of your circle will affect ours and it will replace the same repetitions with the others; those which are unknown to us, at least, for now…"

The young rat was astonished by such an elaborated response. He heard the king could answer any question but he had never seen how the king himself would do this. Until that moment…