Throughout the years, I have been shot,

Shot down to the solid ground.

But instead of lying there,

I simply pull myself up.

And shake it off.

As if nothing had happened.

People shout curses directed towards me.

They can try to take me down but, I'll always get up.

And ignore their petty insults.

They may try to take me down,

But I'll always live on

And carry on with my life.

These people think they can hurt me

But, they're dead wrong.

They can't get to someone

That's rough around the edges.

I don't take people's crap.

I don't take their abuse.

None of it.

They don't know the real me.

They can't choose my path in life.

They may try to push me around.

But they'll always be the ones who collapse.

And lose everything they ever had.

Their empty threats and insults

Don't mean a thing to me

They can't stop me from succeeding

And winning at life

When they themselves are low lives

With nothing better to do in life.

All they'll ever be is degrading

While I'm over on the other side of the world shining my brightest.