A story about magical cat people known as Felorians and their adventures.


Two senior brothers Fulton and Molton were scampering about a museum in a remote village in Feloria. They were observing all the ancient artifacts of eras gone by.
One such artifact was simply a container of water. The two speculated as to why it was being preserved.
"There is a slight silver glow to it, wouldn't you say? Perhaps it is special water" said Molton, as he maneuvered and sloshed his hands through the liquid.
"They say water is the very essence of life itself," said Fulton, an old Felorian about seventy two years of age.
"It is, water tells a story. Well, maybe not. I don't know what I'm saying" replied Molton.
"I-I-I think I see my grandsons face in the water!" shouted Fulton.
Suddenly, a museum guard walked by them and overheard their discussion.
"Read the label, ask the curator, do SOMETHING about this conundrum!" yelled the guard.

The two brothers read the label:

Behold, the only remaining liquid from the Age of the Artisans. Anyone who wished for extended life would need to do little other than simply swish and slosh their hands through it to achieve its blessing.

"Now that he mentions it, I do feel lighter. Eh, must be placebo. Come on Molton let's get out of this place" said Molton. "I'm already going out of this place" said Fulton as he began to float away towards the window. Fulton lifted onto his brother's shoe and within seconds they were lifted away. Must have been something in the water, eh?

event 1: The Bus

Bloomeelia was a cute and short petite cat-girl of Felorian descent. She was mysterious and very unconventional. Rallassa was a perky taller girl with blonde hair and gorgeous shimmering green eyes. Rallassa had an exuberant get up and go attitude equivalent to two hundred powerfully potent pumpkin seeds diving into a cup of boiling hot coffee, with no ice. She was always genuinely looking out for Bloomeelia's well being, and had saved her life on more than one occasion.

It was a crisp Fall afternoon. Bloomeelia and Rallassa had been taking up residence near the outskirts of a small community of Felorians near PricklePine Valley, home to the largest and oldest museum in the land.
They wanted to have a vacation so they were at a bus stop. A most unusual bus stop, with a strange muffin symbol on it.
"Well, it'll be nice to be back home again for a bit!" said Bloomeelia. "You sure this bus goes to Zeklariah? I thought it was the three o'clock one" said Rallassa.
"I've had a penchant for public transit for five years or so I think I know what I'm talking about" replied Bloomeelia. Rallassa began blinking incessantly for a few seconds then stopped.
"But are you sure this is the right one?" asked Rallassa.
"Sure as you and me are flippin' furballs from Feloria" said Bloomeelia. "Yeah, I guess this must be it. How can you not trust a sign that has a muffin on it? I guess I'll join you" said Rallassa, as she and her best friend Bloomeelia got aboard the bus.

Three minutes later...

"You notice how you and me are the only ones on the bus?" asked Rallassa.
"Yeah, sorta, but there's always the chance it's haunted so why be lonely?" replied Bloomeelia.
"Your Bloomy butt is in serious danger if we don't get off this bus. Who knows where it's taking us" said Rallassa. The bus finally stopped at a large mound of orange leaves, sitting conspicously on the ground in the woods. Bloomeelia and Rallassa got off the bus, brushed some dust off their clothes and scanned their surroundings in an intense fashion.
"I've never seen this place before" said Bloomeelia.
"What did I tell you? There was something odd about that bus" replied Rallassa.
"Did it even have a driver? I mean really!" exclaimed Bloomeelia.
"You tell me, you're the girl with the penchant for public transit, and we'd have been total fopdoodles to not leave the bus!" said Rallassa.
"Hremph, sigh, we'll just have to scope out this area and remain as guarded as possible" said Bloomeelia, pulling out a spare ruby power wand, and looking alert and poised for battle.
"Hide me in your backpack!" said Rallassa, jumping into Bloomeelia's backpack, with only her head sticking out for air. Rallassa pointed towards the mound of leaves which began shaking. They saw another Felorian girl in about her mid twenties, with dark green skin, short dark hair, and yellow eyes with orange pupils. She began frantically tossing leaves to and fro, but not before running and hiding behind a tree for cover. It looked as though she had met the same fate as Bloomeelia and Rallassa, and felt very frightened.
"What should we do?" asked Rallassa.
"We don't wanna scare her, she seems nice. Let's try to help her" suggested Bloomeelia. "Be on your guard, she might be after our gold bullions" said Rallassa. "Somehow I doubt that," said BLoomeelia. She began talking in a whispery tone, "We're not going to hurt you. We came from a bus, just like you did"
"I'm telling you, I have a coconut, and I'm not afraid to throw it" replied the girl.

The dark haired green wonder began to show herself some more, ever so slightly peering from behind the tree. Then she took off like a lightening bolt running as fast as she can. She tripped on a rock and hit the ground with a plop. "Please, have mercy. I'm so confused" said the girl.
"We are too," said Bloomeelia from a distance. "We're just as confused as you"
"Let's...talk then I guess" replied the girl. "Sure," said Bloomeelia.

Nightfall made itself apparent over the woods. Bloomeelia, Rallassa, and their newfound friend were toasting marshmellows over a campfire.
"So, what's your name and what brought you here?" asked Rallassa.
"It was a bus, it was a bus," muttered Bloomeelia.
"What makes you say that?" asked the girl.
"Call it intuition. Am I right?" asked Bloomeelia.
"Yes, you're right. I was brought here on a bus. I was catching the usual two o'clock bus to Zeklariah Cavern Systems Inc and then this happened" replied the girl.
"I thought it was a three o'clock bus that took you there" said Rallassa.
"Let me handle this Rallassa. So, what's your name?" asked Bloomeelia.
"I'm not just some cute but tough fudge bubble out for herself you know. I have alliances" said the girl.
"I'm sure you do, I just wanna know your name" said Bloomeelia. "Okay, okay, if you must know my name is Ezmerelda Montgomery, but for practical purposes I'm going to change my name to Emily, and really just call me Emily" said Emily Montgomery.
"I smell riff-raff" muttered Rallassa under her breath. "Do you know Rose Montgomery by any chance?" asked Bloomeelia.
"Yeah, once. She gave me my first mission assignment" replied Emily.
"Mine too, mine too. So apparently you're one of the magically inclined Felorians as well. Do you have any theory on what keeps sending magically inclined Felorians to this spot? Are there others like you we should be aware of?" asked Bloomeelia.
"Others? Yes, there are many others, just like me. We occasionally stop by the hills up yonder north and hunt the blue sabre toothed buffalo with our spear guns but not today. Today we seek refuge with like minded people. Like you" said Emily.
"I'm flattered, but I think this warrants some more discussion. Things aren't totally clear yet, and I probly wanna know more than you even know, but we're all stuck here and I wish there was a way out" said Bloomeelia.
"There could be. We just need to find someone with a map of Feloriah" said Emily.
"I used to have one" replied Bloomeelia.
"Too late," said Rallassa.
"What is she doing in your backpack?" asked Emily.
"I don't really know. She wanted to be in it. Made her feel secure I guess" said Bloomeelia.
"Hi, I'm Rallassa" said Rallassa, holding a piece of paper in her mouth.
"Rallassa, what is that?" asked Bloomeelia. Rallassa's eyes widened and she looked nervous.
"It's na-na-nothing, nothing of vital importance" said Rallassa. It was clearly the map of Feloriah.
"Give me that" said Bloomeelia, tugging on it, attempting to relinquish the paper from Rallassa's mouth. It got to the point she was literally carrying Rallassa by the piece of paper that was in her mouth, dangling her from her hand like some sort of fish caught by the tail-fins.
"Let go already, you're embarresing me you little fuzz widget" said Bloomeelia. Bloomeelia shook the paper and finally Rallassa came loose and hit the ground.
"Let's see, map of Feloriah, maybe we can get out of here yet" said Bloomeelia.



"Not that good a map! It says we're in unknown!" said Bloomeelia.

"Map===I must destroy it! Must throwz it into the water!" said Rallassa.

"Rallassa, I know full well you're just imitating the lizard wizard Vale when he and Zasher tried to lure us into that evil witch's house under the guise

of an independent film" replied Bloomeelia.

"Well, where are we?" asked Rallassa.

"Crud, it won't even tell us where we are. Once again, it says our area is listed as unknown. The map usually uses magic properties to tell you what part of the kingdom you're in!" said Bloomeelia.