A Princess's Cage

Chapter 1: A Bright City

If you are reading this, then I guess I did it then. I wrote a story that some people are possible going to read. I wrote a story, and now there is no going back... Sorry, I won't hold you. Enjoy!

August 5th, 20XX

Brighton City. A city full of people, and bustling with shops, and many places to entertain one's self. A city with many skyscrapers, and many urban suburbs that intertwine in perfect disharmony. A city with casinos, clubs, workplaces, and parks. It was no wonder many people decided to move here from their smaller towns, or cities. What more could anyone want? There was work, places to unwind, and even a few places of entertainment.

So why was it, that many people talked about a dark secret that Brighton, and even a few other brightly lit cities, might inhabit? Perhaps it was time, to view the city from a special perspective, someone with a special sense of view, and hidden desires. Someone, who understood what it was like to live away from the brightness. Let's see this world, through their eyes.

?'s POV

Welcome to Brighton City!

An unpolluted city full of life, that can offer you a bright future!

A city full of bright opportunities, and fun times!

Population: 460,897

That's what the billboard outside the so-called bright city. Honestly, it was disgusting to read. How can anyone even live in this forsaken city? It was too bright for my tastes, and I used to enjoy being up here when I was little. But now, I hated it. It was too bright, and way too full of people, and their annoying vehicles. Honestly it was hard for me to even look into the city itself, since there were so many bright signs, and neon billboards, that the stars weren't visible anymore. That was how bright the city was, with too many damn people, and too many cars.

I hated it. That was why I decided to live in the slums of the bloody place. If I could, I would change this place to how it was in the history books. A moderately lit city with just enough like to light up what was needed to be lit up. Now everything was lit up, even the alleyways, and clubs. And I hated it with a passion.

But what could I do? Destroy the power generators? Cut some power lines? Destroy the light bulbs? I couldn't, and that's what made my blood boil, so I decided to take what little authority the city had instead. With the load bearings out of the way, I could change the city within a few years. And a few decades later, I could even enforce what I want onto the other brightly lit cities that dot the country. I would do it, and that was a fucking promise.

But for now, I couldn't do anything yet. I needed time to gather my resources, and only then, will I be able to change this world back into what it was originally was. I would do it, not just for me, but for the sub slums, and the people who were dumb enough to come to these cities. I would do it, or I wouldn't be the Leader of Brighton's Subterranean Slum City, Juvi Town.