Empty rooms

You see the old house up on there, said the old man has he pointed to an old victorian Mansion.

It been empty for years, it was empty before I was fifteen years old. I liked to play near it with my friend, and the month I was fifteen a young couple bought it. They moved in pretty quickly, painted all the rooms in bright and warm colors.

It looked lively again, the old grandmas and grandpas of the time said that it hadn't looked that full of life in years. If you looked in the house when it was nearing sunset, you would see them waltz with a peaceful happiness going from rooms to rooms.

But it wasn't mean't to last. For a few years it was like this, than the lady got pregnant and sadly nine month later has she gave birth , the child died. Poor woman, she became so broken, empty. She never smiled anymore, didn't look at people on the street, it was like she died with her child.

The Lord tried to chear her up, he kept dancing with her has the sun set, but it was like he was dancing with an empty doll. He would keep dancing, holding her against him has he cried silent tears, for her and their lost child.

We saw them out in the village less and less, until we didn't see them at all.

They were found dead in the middle of winter, the Lady had took her life away and the Lord did soon after her.

Now people that walk near it when the sun set swear they saw a sad looking couple dance in the empty rooms, other say they can hear crying. True or not, no one bought the house since then, it's an empty shell full of lost happiness.

Inspired by Lucas King – Empty: watch?v=90shFaa58sE