She stifled a whimper, hands sticky with blood, trembling as she attempted to tear the metal rod from her leg. She had to get away quickly before they came back. Several bodies lay strewn around the dark hallway, the only light came from the end where a large glass window shown the bright lights of the city.

It was a job, easy to finish in under two hours.

Except her partner betrayed her when a metal rod was shot into her leg by some archaic weapon. He took the bag with their laptop and USB as she fought through the shock, and her throat was hoarse from screaming his name.

Gritting her teeth, she gripped the rod again, sucking in a breath and trying her hardest not to scream when she attempted to pull it out.

"I'm going to kill him," she whispered, inch by inch, the rod was pulled out, and when it came loose, she dropped it on the floor where it made a soft echo in the hall, "I'm going to fucking kill him."

She ripped a piece of her shirt and wrapped it around her leg, it wouldn't stop the bleeding, but there was a bit of pressure. She'd leave a bloody trail to the roof, if she can somehow get to the zipline, she can make it across to the next building. Her sticky hands is what worried her, including her partner who probably cut the line.

"Leaving me for dead," she laughed under her breath, trying to pull herself into a standing position, the pain shot up her body and stopped her for only a moment. She had to get away, she couldn't die here, not like this. "Bastard," she gritted out.

Panting, she slowly limped toward the heavy metal door that lead to the staircase and up onto the roof.

It was a plan between them and a client. Steal information inside the executive building, the files would be inside a private computer that they'd have to get too personally instead of doing it from a far.

Her partner wanted them to do it, he smiled, said it would be fine. Yeah, it seemed whatever double agent bullshit he pulled worked out for him. They were friends for years, and this is how he repays her. Stealing information and leaving her to die by the security?

She was going to kill him.

She made it up the staircase and pushed the rooftop door open. The cold wind almost took her breath away, and the dark sky didn't have a star shining in its depth.

There he was. Standing near the ziplines they had secured when they scouted the building. They wouldn't be able to leave the way they came, not when the private computer would have an alarm sent to its owner. The security had come quick, and they managed to fight them off.

Some plans never came to fruition if both partners weren't in it together.

"Having troubles, asshole?" she asked, wishing she had her gun, but he had taken it with him when he betrayed her.

He didn't even look at her, his eyes set on the computer sitting on a vent. "You're alive?"

"Security is slow when we killed their first response team," she said, limping towards him, trying her best not too fall over. The loss of blood made her steps unbalanced, including her rage that burned in her veins. "Why are you still here? Why didn't you leave?"

He finished whatever he was doing and closed the laptop, then he straightened and took out the gun. "You don't understand—"

"Yeah," she said, a sarcastic smile pulling at the corner of her lips, "I don't understand. You're my best friend, we grew up with each other, we had each other's backs for years, and you decide to leave me to die?" She was screaming, rage turning to something else, eyes burning, and then a tear trailed down her cheek.

"You don't understand," he said, shaking his head, then he raised the gun.

Please don't kill me. She couldn't say the words, her heart was already broken, torn out from her chest.

Her ear twitched at metal sliding against metal, and he fired the gun, the sound made her flinch, and her legs gave out. She fell forward, hands keeping her up as a shot of pain cut up her spine from her throbbing leg.

And then he was in front of her after the gunfire went silent, his hands on her arms, but she fought him.

"You left me to die," she said, sucking in a breath, she was dizzy from the pain and the betrayal, and annoyed by the smile on his lips.

"You don't understand, I know what I did, that I was going to leave you to die," he helped her stand, "I wouldn't have done it, but I have debts, obligations."

"Fuck obligations," she said, pushing his hands off her. "You left me to die, and I'll kill you for that."

He nodded, handing her the gun. "Do it, or you can let me live and I'll help you across to the next building. Your leg is going to get you nowhere, and you'll fall to your death."

"Confident that I will," she sneered, "you're horrible."

"Did you expect me to be any less?"

She gripped the gun, her heart still sore, and she was tempted to do it. To kill her best friend for leaving her to die, but there were other days she can do it, and whatever debt he has, he now owes her.

She turned the safety on and tucked the gun in her pocket. "Get me out of here, and you better pray that if you do that again, I won't let you live another day."

His smile annoyed her, "What are best friends for."