Your hair is the fire in my soul

Your eyes are the window to my heart

Your skin is the essence of my worth

Your mind is the key to my love

I can't help but smile at every memory we made together

I can't help but feel warm when you sleep beside me

I can't help but love you each and every day

Sometimes I just stare into those deep brown eyes and something bright awakens inside me

Sometimes my heart is seared by the heat from how I feel for you

I love you for your faults

I love the way you talk

I love the way you carry yourself

I love the very core of who you are

I catch myself smiling at you from the corner of my eye.

I catch myself smiling at what you say

I catch myself smiling at you for being a little weird

I don't know what it was that pulled me into this

That dragged me through the dirt and grime of my dark mind

That found my way into the glowing embers of your love

The stepping stone I needed to crawl myself out of the pit of who I was

Sometimes still of who I am

The guiding light that people look for to ground them into reality

The warping, swirling and dizzying colors of my anxiety

That's what you helped me control

That's what I needed

I needed you

I found you

The way you smell

The way you taste

The way I see you

So sweet

So earthy

So luminous

The Navi to my Link

The Sky to my Ocean

The Star to my Earth

I'm never going to stop smiling at you

I'm never going to stop loving you

My sweet heart

My baby girl

Eleven years never seemed so short

So wonderful