What can I say? Bookkeepers and Accountants have my respect.

Paperwork, paperwork fills my head

Paperwork, paperwork fills me with dread

How can such a paperless society

Still involve so much paper for me?

Bills to pay, invoices to send

Paperwork will send me round the bend.

Pay this tax, pay these wages

Pay it now, not in stages

Bank interest, Loan interest, GST

None of this gets done for free

Staring at my computer with bleary eyes

More headaches are my prize

Profit & Loss, YTD

Understanding it all is the key


Don't forget your quarterly BAS

These can all kiss my….

(I never said I had any class!)

Enter that and file this

No receipts would I dare miss!

Neatly filed reports are my prize

(I kid you not, I tell no lies!)

If I ever go on holiday

As I order coffee at a café

My thoughts would be, "Can I get a receipt for that?"

And "Can I claim it on my tax?"


Money, money makes the world go 'round

(Or so I've been told on advice that's sound)

I'm sure if all the bookkeepers stopped

That advice would soon be dropped

In favour of those who master M.Y.O.B

They keep the world running for you and me!