Children's story. It's nap time but little Archie the Black Flying Fox didn't want to go to bed just yet.

Based on a photo my son gave me of a baby flying fox wrapped up in a special blanket next to other similarly wrapped babies. One has a teat in its mouth while the other was sleeping. The one in the middle, however, was wide awake.

Archie was a little orphaned Black Flying Fox. He was being cared for with some other baby flying foxes who had no parents to look after them either.

Because Archie was so little, he needed help to keep warm. The carers looking after him, wrapped him in a specially made little blanket. This helped him to feel warm and secure, just like his mum used to do when she cuddled him under her wings.

When he was hungry, his carers would give him milk in a special baby bat bottle. Sometimes he liked to keep sucking even though all the milk was finished. So his carers would leave the teat of the bottle in his mouth, just like a baby batty dummy.

One day, it was nap time. All the baby bats had finished drinking their milk bottles. Then they had their bottoms cleaned. After that they were all wrapped in a nice clean and warm blanket each. Now it was time for a nap.

But Archie was not feeling sleepy at all. He wanted to play, but he couldn't while he was all wrapped up. His carer told him to go for a sleep.

"But I'm not tired!" said Archie.

He wriggled under his blanket.

His carer said to him, "You sound tired. Have a nap."

"But I'm not tired!" complained Archie again. "Can I have some more milk please?" he asked instead.

"You've had enough milk," his carer reminded him. "Go to sleep, now."

"But I'm not tired! Can I have some ice cream?" he asked.

"No, you've already had your milk. It's time for a snooze, now."

"Can I have a drink of water?" asked the little bat.

"No, your tummy is already full of milk," his carer told him.

"Can I play some more, please?" he pleaded.

"No, its nap time. You can play after you wake up," she said to him.

Archie looked either side of him. His friends were already asleep. He tried to nudge his friend beside him to wake him up.

"Don't do that," his carer gently scolded him. "Don't wake up your friends. They are sleeping."

Archie pouted. He stuck out his little bottom lip. His carer just laughed quietly at him.

"Have a snooze. You can play with them when you all wake up together," she told him.

"Can you read me a story? Please?" tried Archie again.

"Okay. But only a short one," promised his carer. "Then you have to go to sleep."

His carer found a small story book that was one of Archie's favourites. She sat down to read it to the wide awake bat. After she finished the story, she tucked his blanket tight around his body.

He wriggled under the blanket, making it loose again.

"Stop wriggling," his carer said. "Time to stay still and sleep."

"But I want to play," he whined.

His carer stroked his fur. He really liked it when she did that.

Then she tucked him under his blanket again.

"Are you asleep yet?" she asked Archie.

"Can I have another story?" asked the little black bat. His eyes were starting to droop, but he didn't want to go to sleep. He was worried he might miss out on something important.

"No, you've already had one story. That's enough for today," the carer said patiently.

"But I don't want to go to sleep," he mumbled sleepily. His eyelids were starting to close over, but he flicked them open again to stare at his carer.

She smiled.

"Go to sleep, little one," she said gently, giving him a scratch on his furry head.

Archie yawned. But he wasn't tired. His eyelids were just a little heavy. He snuggled into his blanket a bit more. He was very warm and comfortable.

He yawned again and his eyes closed over. His nose twitched a few times before he stopped moving.

His carer smiled. She waited for a few more minutes, then tip-toed away.

Archie was asleep.