Children's Story.

Silly Goose just wants to learn.

Based on a picture of a flock of geese waddling through town. It was given to me by my young son as we challenged each other to come up with a story based on photos we each chose for the other.

Silly Goose lived on a farm outside of town. It was a nice place to live. There was plenty of room for him to roam around and play with his friends. And he had a lot of friends.

He lived with a flock of other geese. The farmer let them wander all over the land, so they were able to talk to all the other animals. Silly Goose liked the sheep. He thought they were a bit silly, always saying 'Baa' and eating grass.

The horses and the cows were very big animals and liked to chase Silly Goose and his friends. Every time the horses and the cows chased them away, they would always say the same thing, "What a silly goose!"

There were other animals too, like pigs and chickens and cats. But it didn't matter wherever Silly Goose and his friends would travel, all the animals said the same thing, "What a silly goose."

The smartest animal on the farm was the farmers Collie dog. Silly Goose really liked him. His name was Bud. He would round up the cattle and take them to a big yard for the farmer. Silly Goose would help him sometimes.

Bud and Silly Goose often sat together to talk about all sorts of things. One day, Bud told Silly Goose about something called 'Books'. He said that books could be found at the town library. These books contained a lot of stories and knowledge. Bud told him the farmer liked to collect books from the town library to read. He would read them and learn something new.

Bud also told Silly Goose that sometimes these books had pictures to look at. Bud liked to look at the photos, especially if the photos were other dogs.

Silly Goose thought about those books a lot. He thought if he could get to the library, he could read them and get smarter too. Just like the farmer did. And he could look at the pictures. Just like Bud did. Then maybe nobody would call him a silly goose anymore.

So one day, that's what Silly Goose did. He walked down the driveway, heading for the road that lead to town. As he waddled, another goose noticed him and asked him what he was doing. "I'm going to the town library to read a book and get smart," he told the second goose.

The second goose decided he wanted to come too, so he followed Silly Goose. Then a third goose came over and asked where they were going. The second goose told him, "We're going to the town library to read a book and get smart." The third goose thought that was a clever idea and he wanted to come too, so he followed Silly Goose and the second goose.

More and more geese came over to find out where Silly Goose and his friends were going. But the answer was always the same, "We're going to the town library to read a book and get smart." Each time, the goose would think that was a fine idea and join in behind the others. Soon the whole flock were waddling down the road towards the town library, all following the Silly Goose up the front.

Before long, the whole flock of geese had arrived at the town library. The librarian came out and saw all the geese and said, "Goodness! Why are all you geese at the library?" Silly Goose told her they wanted to read a book so they could become smart. The librarian said, "You Silly Goose! Can you read the words?"

Silly Goose had to say, "No, we don't know how to read. But what about the pictures? We can look at the pictures."

The librarian shook her head, "You Silly Goose! Can you turn the pages?"

Silly Goose had to say, "No, we can't turn the pages. We only have wings, not hands."

Poor Silly Goose was feeling a bit sad. He wanted to get smart by reading a book. But he had forgotten he didn't know how to read. He also didn't have hands to turn the pages.

The librarian went inside and came back out with a book. She opened it and showed him a picture of geese eating snails. She said, "Can you eat snails?"

Silly Goose looked at the picture and smiled, "Yes! We can eat snails. They are yummy!"

The librarian asked Silly Goose and his friends to eat all the snails in the garden. So that's what they did. They shuffled their beaks amongst the plants, and found all the snails.

When Silly Goose came back to the librarian, she gave him a copy of the photo from the book. Then she told him, "You have eaten all the snails out of the garden. What a clever goose you are!"

Silly Goose was vey happy. Sometimes there are things we can't do. But there is always something else that you can. And that makes you a Very Clever Goose!