Children's Story.

Meet Jack the Talking Cat and his friends as they travel on their adventures. When evil Dr Vortex accidentally created Moss-Man, the ultimate weapon of destruction, it was up to Jack and his brave friends to save the day... and his home town of Whack-A-Mat.

This story was written by my seven year old son. The plot line was all his. I added the editing and some of the dialogue. True!

Meet our favourite characters;

Jack the Talking Cat (Our hero)

Stella the Cute Dwarf

Queen Bee

Gerald the Knight That Thinks He Has A Tail

Wammy the Dragon

And of course, evil Dr Vortex and Bob Evil Assistant the evil assistant.

Also introducing Moss-Man.

The town of Whack-A-Mat was right beside Cat Canyon, where the trees were greener than green, and the colour of the flowers was so bright, you had to wear sunglasses.

On the edge of Cat Canyon, outside the town of Whack-A-Mat, was a small camping van. Inside that camping van was a man. His name was Dr Vortex.

Right now, he was yelling. "Why can't I destroy Whack-A-Mat? It's a simple request….destroy the town that tried to destroy me. Is that too much to ask for?"

Bob Evil Assistant, his evil assistant was sitting in the corner of the van. "No, Dr V. You can do it. Nobody is as powerful as you," he said in a bored fashion. He'd heard Dr Vortex yell about this for some time now.

"It's that Jack the Talking Cat," yelled Dr Vortex again, waving his arms around. Bob had to duck to avoid being splattered. "He always foils my plans. I must have my revenge on him. But how?"

Bob suggested, "Why don't you go for a walk along Cat Canyon? Maybe the exercise will help you think of something."

Dr Vortex turned his evil gaze towards Bob. "Good idea. Where's my coat?"

Bob rolled his eyes. "You're wearing it, Dr V."

"Ah, so I am. I'm off for a walk," said Dr Vortex, patting down his pockets and making sure he still had all his test tubes full of serum and other nasty stuff. He liked to be prepared because he never knew when he would need some strange concoction.

Leaving Bob behind, Dr Vortex strode out of the van towards the edge of Cat Canyon. There were some very narrow trails there that he liked to walk on. The sun was quite warm today, and it wasn't long before Dr Vortex was starting to sweat.

He kept walking on the trails, but he turned towards the shady trees beside the river at the bottom of Cat Canyon. It was cooler there. Walking further in, he came to some large rocks. They were covered in lots of moss, which made them quite slippery. Dr Vortex took a step onto one, but found himself flying backwards through the air when his foot slipped out from under him. He landed on his back with an almighty 'thud'.

"Ohh…" Dr Vortex groaned, trying to sit up. "That hurt."

He slowly got up, but he didn't realise that one of his test tubes in his pocket had broken and leaked onto the moss. When he stood up, a few drops of his sweat fell from his brow and landed right in the middle of the serum that was quickly being soaked up by the moss.

Dr Vortex decided to go back to his camping van, because he was so sore. He limped back up the trail, up the side of Cat Canyon, and into his van.

Bob was reading a magazine, but quickly dropped it when he saw his boss come in all covered in moss.

"What happened to you, boss?" he asked.

"Nothing!" snapped Dr Vortex, taking off his messy coat. He threw it at Bob, who caught it and started pulling out the test tubes so he could put the coat in the wash.

"Uh…boss. You broke one of your test tubes," said Bob.

"Which one?" asked Dr Vortex. He picked up the broken tube. "Aww man! That was the mind serum. My favourite one. It will take me a week to make that one again."

"What does mind serum do again?" asked Bob, throwing the coat in the wash basket.

"It lets me control somebody else's mind, when I want them to do something evil for me," said Dr Vortex.

"Ohhh," said Bob.

Meanwhile, back under the shady trees on one slippery rock, the moss began to boil and bubble.