Children's story.

I make no claims on the Angry Bird franchise. This story was created based on a small competition my young son and I had. We gave each other photos to base our stories on. The inspiration for this was a photo of five birds around a bird bath...two red finches, two yellow and one brown.

The Bird Bath was the coolest place in town. Literally. It had a pool of water right in the middle and everyone liked to hang out there and be seen with all the cool people.

Or birds. Because the Bird Bath was a...wait for it...bird bath. You know. A bathing place for birds? Okay. You get it. Moving on…

Anyway, a red angry bird named Red, liked to spend a lot of his time at the Bird Bath. He also liked to tell other birds to stay away. He was a very angry bird.

One day, he was at the Bird Bath as usual, when another red angry bird arrived. Her name was Ruby.

"Hey!" said Red, scowling at the newcomer. "This is my party. Go find your own party."

Ruby just flapped her wings and told him. "You can't have a party without any other birds."

"Why not!" Red yelled. "I was perfectly happy until you come along and ruined it."

"No you weren't," scoffed Ruby, preening her tail. "You were sitting here by yourself, with an angry scowl on your face."

"That's me being happy," grumbled Red.

"Whatever," shrugged Ruby. "You were still alone."

Just then, two yellow birds fluttered down to the Bird Bath.

"What is this? More intruders?" said Red, angrily.

"Hello!" said one of the newcomers. "Are you having a party?"

"Yes!" shouted Red. "And you're not invited!"

"Don't be so rude," admonished Ruby. "Don't mind him!" she told the newcomers. "He's an angry bird."

"Ohh!" said the first yellow bird, as if that explained a lot.

Red scowled.

"My name is Ruby," said Ruby politely.

"My name is Lemon. And this is my friend Banana," said the second yellow bird.

The first bird spoke up. "Yes, because I'm sweet and he's sour."

The two yellow birds giggled at their joke. Red just frowned some more.

"What's your name?" Lemon asked Red.

"None of your business!" snapped Red.

"Well, that's a funny name, None-of-your-business," said Ruby with a smirk. She covered her beak with her wing to hide a laugh.

"Your mother must have been angry too, to give you a name like that," said Lemon with concern. He didn't know Red was being an angry bird. He thought that was his real name.

All the other birds, except Red, giggled at him.

"What?" asked Lemon, confused as to why everyone was laughing.

Banana explained, "That's not his real name, silly."

"Then why did he say it was his name?" wondered Lemon.

Red was getting very red and angry at all this. He ruffled his feathers. "Time for all of you to leave!" he yelled.

"Why?" said Ruby. "We're all here now. We can have a party!"

"Oooo, can I join in too?" said an unknown voice.

Before anyone knew what was happening, a larger brown bird flapped down to land amongst them. He had the same type of pointy beak as the others, but he had drab, brown feathers with speckles, while the others had bright colourful feathers.

Ruby introduced all of them to the newcomer. Except for Red. Because he hadn't told anyone his name yet. So Ruby just called him Angry Bird.

"What's your name?" she asked the speckled bird.

"My name's Pig," he replied, scooping up some water in his beak.

"Why are you called Pig?" asked Lemon curiously. "You don't look like a pig."

"That's easy!" replied Pig with a grin. "Because I have disgusting party manners!"

As soon as he said that, he jumped into the middle of the water and splashed everyone. They all laughed, shaking the water off their feathers. All except Red of course, who frowned even more.

"Time to party!" yelled Ruby, jumping into the water.

Oh well. There goes the neighbourhood!