So, this story is just a bunch of drabbles and s*** that comes up when I look at prompts. It's an exercise I'm doing to increase my creativity and get into the habit of writing daily. I'm expecting to write for all genres, as I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone.

I'll be publishing one every day (the definition of daily), with the date I wrote it on the top (it'll probably be something from yesterday, but I don't know), the prompt, genre, POV, and a sentence long blurb.

These first few are probably going to be short, as I'm still warming up, but they'll hopefully get longer as I keep going.

Thursday, August 9th: Regret

Information: Realistic Fiction, First Person: A high school graduate thinks about what she's done with her life.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond today with my mom. We were shopping for my dorm.

It feels weird to think that I'm already an adult. Because I really don't feel that way at all. I don't know how I'll manage life in a different state, away from home.

Sometimes, I just lay in bed and go through all of the memories, all of the choices I made. I still don't know if they were the right ones.

Take high school registration for freshman year, for example…

"So, I've gone through your options, and these are the classes you'll be taking next year."

I stared at my mother and the list she'd made in shock.

"But, Mom, where are the electives? Where's Theater 1? Why am I doubling up on math?"

"Theater? I thought you were joking about that. No, no, you cannot take a theater class in high school. Doctors don't need acting skills."

"But I want to take theater! I love acting! And I'm not even good at math! How am I supposed to get enough elective credits to graduate?"

"Through STEM classes, engineering, I've already figured out your entire high school career."

"Just let me do theater, Mom, please!"

"Meredith, no theater. You will turn this sheet into your office tomorrow morning."


"No buts. Now, go do your homework, I have a meeting."

I walked away, tears pooling in my eyes.

I turned the sheet in the next morning.

Every day I wonder what would have happened if I'd done something different. If I rebelled. Would I be on Broadway? Would I pursue my dreams?

Because despite going to an Ivy League now, I'm not happy.

But the world isn't always fair, I suppose.

It's short, it's probably crap, l want to know. Constructive criticism is expected.

Thanks for Reading.