There are strings in my hair. I can feel them move. Wiggle. Like earthworms plucked from the soil.

I can't see anything yet. My eyes are...closed? Broken? All I see is blackness.

I can't hear anything, either.

But I can feel the strings.

They wiggle. They wiggle and writhe. I can't stand it. I want them gone. I want to get them off.

I can't, though. I can't move a muscle. I can't even breathe. My arms and legs are made of lead, and my lungs are of iron, and I can't move. And the strings are wiggling on my head, in my hair. Like earthworms. Thick, slimy earthworms that wiggle.

One of them is biting my scalp. It hurts. I want it off. I want to stop hurting. I want the pain to go away. Everything hurts and everything burns and the damn strings are still wiggling make it stop!

It doesn't stop.

I'm scared.

I don't...what happened to me? Where am I? I can't remember.

It doesn't matter. I need to go. I need to get up, and go away, and get rid of the strings in my hair, and everything will be fine. Absolutely fine. Everything will be fine once the stings are gone.

But first, I need open my eyes. I can't get rid of the strings with my eyes closed. And I have to get rid of the strings. I have to get them out of my hair.

So I open my eyes.

They aren't strings. They're...snakes. Vicious, snarling snakes with evil red eyes and venom dripping from their fangs. They snap and hiss and I'm scared of them, I'm so scared, please someone make them go away.

I hate snakes. I've always hated them. I want them gone. I want these strings—snakes out of my hair.

I cry out for someone to help me. There's no one. No one but me and the snakes.

I look outside. There's no one. Just a bird standing on the window sill. A crow, with its head turned away from me.

I scream. The crow, startled, turns towards me. I can see its beady black eyes. Shiny, like snake's skin.

And then it turns to stone, and I'm alone again.

And the strings are still wiggling in my hair, and they never stop.