i had never realized just how lonely i
was, how lonely my soul had been
until we passed each other once
again, our eyes instantly
locked and we came
to a mutual stop,


it was as though
our bodies remained
frozen throughout time
itself, the only thing that
truly mattered was our existence
and in that moment, that's all there was.
your porcelain eyes lit up like a thousand
burning embers reflected within the waves
of a raging storm, so wild and untamed
but there was more you kept hidden.
your soul was not wild nor was it
untamed, your spirit yearned to
be cared for in all the right ways.
you were silently screaming
for someone to notice
and finally say

"i love you."

and then there was me.
i wanted to feel protected
within my own skin, to finally
feel as though my existence was
not some burden to the rest of
the world, i yearned to be
cared for just as you had.
so we became what the
other so desperately
sought out, we became
the missing light at the end
of the long and unfriendly
tunnel just by reaching out
and grasping onto the three
words we were never able
to genuinely hear before,

"i appreciate you."

and we became smitten.