Chapter 5

There wasn't much conversation for the rest of the meal, mostly because Harvey didn't know what to think or even what he was supposed to say.

Anita had a humorous grin on her face for the rest of dinner and when they were done eating, she told him she'd clean up later.

They left the table and went into the living room, but Anita didn't take a seat.

"Wouldn't it be nice to re-christen the rehabbed house?" Anita asked.

"Re-Christen it?" Harvey asked with confusion.

"Re-energize and re-dedicate it with hope and positive vibes and emotion and happiness," she explained.

"How would you do that?" Harvey wondered.

Anita smirked as she lifted her hands up to her shoulders and toyed with her dress straps. "Would you like to come into the bedroom?"

"Does this mean we're not going to be friends anymore?" Harvey worried.

"We'll always be friends," Anita assured him. "But isn't it time that we become more than friends too?"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm tried of dreams, Harvey," Anita said. "I'm ready for reality. I'm tired of the role I've been playing. I want to be re-casted."

"With me?"

"You were always part of my reality," Anita insisted. "I was too busy dreaming to pay attention."

"You're paying attention now?"

"You were foolish enough to stick around for all this," Anita smirked, glancing around Mrs. Lapinski's former house. "You must have been paying attention too."

"I was," Harvey acknowledged.

"Come with me," Anita requested, reaching for his hand.

Harvey allowed her to grasp it and she led him into the master bedroom down the hall.

She giggled as she stopped at the foot of the bed and this time she allowed the straps of the dress to fall all the way down her shoulders and arms, taking the top of the dress with them.

"This is me, now, Harvey," she whispered as she revealed her reconstructed down-sized breasts to him.

"That was part of your dream that became reality too," Harvey noted, taking a look at her surgically reduced breasts with their faint hints of scars.

"Are you okay with it?" She needed to know.

"I'm okay with you," Harvey replied.

"Kiss me," Anita pleaded.

Harvey didn't need any further encouragement. He willingly leaned in and the two enjoyed a long awaited and anticipated slow kiss, something completely different from the previous peck on the cheeks or friendly quick smooches in moments of bonding.

"Wow, that was great," Anita said when they finally broke from their first reality, delighted to have been lost in each other's lips.

Harvey responded by gently nibbling on Anita's lower lip while he boldly lifted his hand up to feel her bare breasts for the first time. Anita moaned and then brought her lips to his earlobe.

"I want you," she whispered.

Anita backed away from him and she allowed the dress to fall all the way to the floor, She was now only in a pair of panties and she looked at him with a mischievous smile as she put her hands on the elastic of the panties and pulled them down her legs to reveal all of her realities.

Harvey grinned with approval. "Sometimes dreams really do come true," he said, stepping into her and placing his hands on her bare bottom as he kissed her again. They both started to breathe heavily while continuing to make out.

"What would Mrs. Lapinski say?" Harvey asked and that caused Anita to laugh.

"Shhhhh," she mumbled into his mouth. "Make love to me."

And so they christened Mrs. Lapinski's former house as Anita and Harvey's re-casted new house and Harvey was still there - in Anita's bed - when they awoke in the morning after a long night of love making, turning dreams into realities.