Eric looked at the butterfly, the butterfly looked back. "Why are you an insect?" Eric enquired.

Brian the butterfly thought for a moment before replying, "Seemed like a good idea at the time."

Eric took this in and then asked, "Ok then wing boy, how are you a butterfly? You were mostly human last week."

Brian took a deep breath: he wasn't quite sure either, "Well, you know down the road theres that weird shop with the large chrysalis in the window? I had to see what they were about so I went in there on monday. Turns out they do magic and they offered me the chance to see through compound eyes for a fortnight. Well I went for it and here I am and so far its been brilliant. I crave nectar but you cant worry about little things like that all the time."

Brian the man-sized butterfly merrily fluttered about the room for a bit while Eric pondered. How could brian talk when his mouth was a long, curled up tube? Did he scare the bejeepers out of spiders? What did the postman and the tax people think of this? Should he sell the story to the papers and would they believe him at all? Should he just shrug and go to the chip shop instead?

He had no idea but the chip shop was awfully inviting.