Dreams and Reality

We all think that dreams are just rapid movements of our eyes in our sleep, but Timmy thinks different. His dreams affect the real world but not the dream world. Science cannot prove how this boy make things like this possible. This is the story of the youngster named Timmy.

"Come on, Timmy! There is no time for daydreaming in class! This is an important exam!" Mr. Raven demanded.
"But I don't want to…" Timmy groaned.
Suddenly, Mr. Raven honked an air horn in the ear. "What who what huh? Work? Okay!" Timmy said. Timmy was back to working on his important Science exam again. "Make bread… This is going to take a while…"

At break, Timmy went out of his crummy school to visit Old Hank. Old Hank was a nice fellow. He lived in a rickety wooden shack in Birdseed Forest alone. Timmy loved to visit him when he was concerned about something. Knock-Knock! He knocked on the old door, waiting for an answer. The door made a loud creaking noise as it opened. However, no one was there. The door had opened itself.

"Uh…" Timmy said, scared as stiff as a sloth. Nevertheless, his crazy instinct told him to investigate. "What is going on in here? Hello!" the lone boy cried out. As he walked in, the door slammed behind him. He thrusted his head towards the door. "Help! Let me out!" he cried, kicking the door in panic. The door would not budge. His only choice was to explore.

"Hmm, old artefacts," he said, running his finger the old, dusty books on the bookshelf. "What's this?" the boy said, picking up one of the many old books. However, this one was not dusty, it was as clear as day. He picked it up and slowly opened it. Inside it was a spell that caught Timmy's eyes, the 'Dreamland' spell. The page was coloured red, unlike the other bleached brown ones. "Maybe something has led me to this book and page as an answer to my problem!" Timmy exclaimed, smiling.

He began to read the spell.
Your dreams are real,
you just need to feel,
the instincts inside of you,
then your imagination will become true!

Straight after reading the spell, a strange, purple line of glitter glided through the air elegantly. It hit Timmy in the face, and made him unconscious.

"Where am I now?" he said, looking at a picture of him as a baby. "Could this be the spell? Dreams coming into reality?" Timmy questioned, puzzled.

Suddenly, he noticed a shadow from around the infinite hallway in front of him. "Hello? Who are you? I come in peace!" he managed to stammer in fright.
"Eh?" said the old looking man. It was Old Hank!
"Hank! Why am I here? Did you make these strange events happen to lead me here?" Timmy asked, confused.
"Yes, it was me who led you here. You need to wish for a spirit with a special antidote and wake yourself up! It's the only way to rescue my curse!" Old Hank croaked.
"Anything for you, Old Hank," Timmy said, smiling, "I won't let you down."

Timmy wished and wished for it to happen, and woke himself up. There on the surface, in the vast, wooden cabin was a spirit that had shaped himself into Hulk. "Let's go!"

"Take that!" Timmy shouted as he threw one of Hank's spare walking frames at the beat-like spirit. The spirit was almost unaffected by this, he was barely harmed at all. Timmy put his finger on his lip as he thought, 'Spirits don't have bodies! The only way I can defeat him is by using magic!'

Timmy grabbed the now dusty spell book off the shelf, but this time the page of 'Mage Weapons' was red. After commanding the spell aloud, he received a staff that shot space dust. The spirit beast breathed fire and shot ice cubes at Timmy. He started to use the staff to his advantage. "Staff, shoot dark matter!" Timmy commanded. The staff transformed to black and made a whirring noise. He started to send dark matter through the magic staff at the beast. The spirit east made a loud noise of pain as the chunks of matter hit him. "Must, keep, shooting!" Timmy groaned as the staff started the get heavy.

Suddenly, the spirit beast disappeared and dropped a small glass with a black, bubbling liquid inside of it. Old Hank slowly came out of the pages of the spell book. "Thank you, Timmy!" he said, drinking the antidote. He became ten years younger after drinking it.
"Why didn't you just ask for the antidote, Hank?" Timmy asked, laughing. "To see how trustworthy you were, and to get rid of that monster. He kept waking me up every night!" The two apprentices laughed and had something to drink before Timmy left. "Bye Hank!" Timmy said. "See you again soon!"
"Bye, Timmy!" he waved back to the youngster, with some tears in his eyes. "What a hero!"